Annabel Mullion

Annabel Mullion

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Annabel Mullion



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Annabel Baring
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Annabel has had many television and film roles, since her debut in the English movie Carrington (1995). She is married to Hugo Baring, and they have four children, Maude (born 1998), Francis (1999), Jim (2003) and William Ajax (2004). As well as her acting work, Annabel writes for…more


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    • Annabel played a banker in Jorge Ramírez Suárez's Spanish-language movie thriller Conejo en la luna (2004). The film was later released in the UK under the title Rabbit on the Moon.

    • Since playing Mona Templer in Channel 4's adaptation of Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time (1997), Annabel has become a supporter of the Anthony Powell Society.

    • Annabel's husband Hugo Baring belongs to the family which founded Barings Bank in 1762. The bank collapsed spectacularly in 1995, after one trader in its Singapore office, Nick Leeson, lost $1.4 billion in reckless gambling on futures contracts.

    • Annabel's second role on screen was in Brian De Palma's blockbuster Mission: Impossible (1996), with Tom Cruise and Emmanuelle Béart.

    • Her first screen role was in the movie Carrington (1995).

    • Annabel is heard in BBC Radio drama and writes newspaper articles.

    • Annabel is married to Hugo Baring. They have four children, Maude (born 1998), Francis (1999), Jim (2003) and William (2004).

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