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  • fabulous!

    She's clearly THE life of the show. She portrayed her character flawlessly without a doubt. And if she'll be written off (which I hope she wont), I think the show will be gone before we know it. Since 90210 decided to be a bit boring this time, they need someone like AnnaLynne McCord who can pull strings for them. Ms. McCord's character is the naughty-spoiled-biyatch Naomi Clark. She didn't just made the fans like Naomi despite her flaws, she made them fall in love with her.

    One more thing that the fans like about her is that she can make simple lines so funny without too much of an effort. Her sense of humor is definitely hilarious!

    Lastly, she carries herself pretty well whenever she's trying to be sexy without looking like a drag.

    And because she had proven that she's fabulous in every way, I gave her a perfect 10!
  • ...

    If my memory serves good than the first show I've ever seen her on, was 90210. Oh, no I'm lying it was Ugly Betty, where she was pretty good. But on 90210 I can't figure out either her performance isn't as good as it should be or her character isn't so tasteful, because she's hysteric nearly all the time and that gets on my nerves a lot. So for the first time I rated her I put 7, because she didn't fulfill my expectations, especially seeing what she was capable on Ugly Betty. But watching her performance on Nip/Tuck I was shocked. More like positively shocked, because her performance on Nip/Tuck cannot be compared with the one on 90210, it's whole different level. So I even reset the rating I gave her before to improve it and give her 9, cause she worth it :)
  • Hilarious!

    Hilarious!! I'd love to see her in a comedy some day because she gives us some of the funniest parts of 90210 and is probably one of the main reasons I keep on coming back! She's lucky to be dating Kellan Lutz… I think they make such a gorgeous couple. I can't wait to see her in the next season of 90210, she should have some awesome material to work with! I love how she handles the drama scenes as well, she keeps me very entertained!!! Also I love the fashion sense she has on the series, even though its not her who picks it out, she flaunts it well!