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  • Great Actress!!

    I love her in all her movies an tv shows! Especially the Carrie Diaries! O m hoping for a Season 3, but I also would like a role on it! It is my dream to be on with AnnaSophia Robb!
  • she is very charming! and beautiful and talented!!!:p :P

    I really like her in the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
    she was very beautiful in the "Bridge to Terabithia" the other movies that she has played i haven't seen them but i am sure that she will be perfect ans there too :p :)
    she is sure and one of my favorite actress...... i think i fell in love with her the first time i saw her....(in "Bridge to Terabithia") but when i saw her in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" i did not understood her she must keep playing in movies........ and she really sings very very good!!!!!!
  • empty

    i like annasophia in all her movies and i love her song. i think shes a great actress and all of her movies are really good.
  • she seems cool.

    Annasophia is in the disney movie Bridge to Terebithia.I have not seen this movie yet so i'm not sure how good her acting is. Her singing is BAD! i'm sorry I have nothing againest her but she can't sing, her song Keep Your MInd Wide Open annoys me. She is pretty and I heard she is very good at acting, she should however just stick ot acting because the girl cannot sing at all.
  • One of the best child stars ever.

    Annasophia Robb is not only a great actress, she's also an awesome voice actress. She voices Dani Phantom/Fenton in the Nickelodeon show Danny Phantom. Although she only voiced in two episodes, she still one of my favorite voice actresses. I first saw her act when she was in a Drake and Josh episode. She didn't have a very big role, but she played it perfectly. My ultimate favorite role of hers is Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That movie was hilarious! She was able to play the perfect snob who always had to have everything her way. I can't wait to see what other roles Annasophia will play in the future.
  • A break-out star!

    I saw Annasophie robb in two movies this years. "Bridge to Terabithia" and "the Reaping." She comes off as a beautiful but talented 13 year-old sweetheart. Last month, I saw "Bridge to Terabithia" and she played Leslie, she my favorite character in the movie. When her character died, I was sadden. Later that night, I though about her character and I criied. It's the first time in years that I ever cried over a character. today, on Youtube, she sang the song "Keep Your Mind wide Open." It was a beautiful song. I got a chance to hear it. I hope to hear more good things from Annasophie Robb.
  • Annasophia rocks!

    Annasophia Robb is such a cutie, and she was awesome in "Bridge to Terabithia", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Because of Winn-Dixie", and everything else she has appeared in! I can't wait to see what she does next with her role in "The Reaping". She is a great and talented young actress, and is super cute!
  • Such a talented actress for such a young age.

    She has already been in two movies in the same year, she plays one of the main characters in "Because of Winn-Dixie" as the Opal, and plays Violet in "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory". Both movies are really good and she does a great job on them. She has only been in two movies with two big parts and she nailed them perfectly, shes cute, funny, and one of my favorites.
  • Talented

    i think annasophia is a talented thirteen year old.I really like her song and the video, for her first song ever and video it was very good. I also am looking forward to her new movie. I saw a movie she was in Beacause OF Winn-Dixie i read the book and saw the movie and liked it she play the role good. She is very talented and hope she counts and makes a cd or album.I like her voice its nice for a young girl. She is really talented and should get a record deal with that voice she has.
  • Very talented in various roles.

    I think she is very talented in many different roles, she plays Violet in harlie And The Chocolate Factory, and guest stars in Drake & Josh. I am eager to see some of her new movies and gues appearances, eiether way AnnaSophia Robb is one of my favorite young actresses and I hope she guest stars on more shows. I think she shows us that even though she is one of the younger stars in Hollywood today she still has a big impact on the buisness. I hope she does well as she grows older, and grows into more serious and deeper roles.
  • She's very CUTE but.........

    I think she is so cute. But I don't think she can act very well. Although Because of Winn-Dixie and Charlie and the chocolate factory were good movies annasophia wasn't that great in them. She was better in the American Girl movie, she was so cute in that! I mean she isn't a terrible actress at all, she's just not my favorite. But I do admit I would want to see her in other movies. That would be so cool if she had her own television series on Disney channel. That would be a successful show! I wish Annasophia luck in her career! (not that she needs it)
  • I am not a huge fan of her. But she is such a lucky girl for being on danny phantom.

    I think she is a good actress to some degree, I don't really like the movies she has been in. She is good for her age. But Like I said. I am not a huge fan of Annasophia. But I think is lucky. it is my dream to be on danny phantom. I wish I had the part she did.
  • The Voice of Danielle Fenton (Dani Phantom)

    When she portrays Danielle from Danny Phantom, Annasophia is the perfect match to the half-ghost girl. She's one of my favorite child stars. She's also cuter than Daveigh Chase and/or Dakota Fanning. Anyway, Annasophia did great as the voice of Dani. I hope she does it again in new episodes of Danny Phantom.
  • I know what you guys are thinking...That AnnaSophia Robb is adorable! She plays Violet in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,And I`m not sure If I saw her in Drake & Josh. Eiether way AnnaSophia Robb Is my favorite actress and I hope she guest stars on day

    I know what you guys are thinking...That AnnaSophia Robb is adorable! She plays Violet in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,And I`m not sure If I saw her in Drake & Josh. Eiether way AnnaSophia Robb Is my favorite actress and I hope she guest stars on day on my favorite show! She is so talented!
  • She plays Opal in "Because of Winn-Dixie." She's so adorable. She was great in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

    Man! That girl is so adorable. She\'s so cute. A lot of little girl actresses can be really cute, but Annasophia Robb is so adorable. I saw her in \"Because of Winn-Dixie\" which was cute, \"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,\" which was funny. I enjoyed that \"Drake & Josh\" episode she was in. All in all, she is so adorable.
  • AnnaSophia Robb is a really awesome actress!

    When I first saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comercials, I really wanted to see it for two reasons. One, because the book is good and that AnnaSophia Robb is in it. I never knew about her after seeing her in the movie. She has the looks, the talent, and the integrity to be the best. She is way past a perfect 10 for me!
  • Im only a month or so older than Annasophia, but she is soooo cute!

    AS is really cute. She has that look that comes every once and a while. Well, sorta.I almost have a crush on her. But she is spoiled in CATCF
    as violet. But otherwise she is talented. But...
    They better not have her star in every movie. That is what usually happens to kid stars like this! Pretty soon, she will be another posing puppet of the big screen just like every other kid star! Dont let this happen!