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    • AnnaSophia: (on taking up the role of a young Carrie Bradshaw that Sarah Jessica Parker originated) I definitely didn't want to mimic Sarah Jessica Parker because I have a very different energy but I obviously watched the show and I want to capture the flavor of the original.

    • AnnaSophia: (on which she prefers doing; movies or tv) Movies. I just feel like I have more versatility that way. I can move from one film to the next and do all different genres and stuff like that. But I think TV shows are great.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: I love to read, and I am kind of different from most of the kids at my school. I hate gossip and being catty and playing games with guys' minds. I'm not into it. I'd rather be reading a book. I have to laugh at it sometimes. You hear all these stories, and then you get to L.A, and there are bigger problems - like world poverty. The kids at my school just aren't talking about that.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: I want to go to college. I want to have other options. But, as I get more and more involved with filmmaking, I just grow to love it more and more. There are just so many different avenues, and I hope I can keep on acting. I have been very blessed, and I have been very fortunate, and my family has been so supportive, but I think, in the end, I'll end up producing and acting. That's what I think I am going to do.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about co-star Johnny Depp) He's a really amazing guy. There was such a big mob around him all the time, so when I was filming with him, I got nervous because everyone was making such a big deal about him. But when I just got to talking with him, he's just a really sweet man - really normal and loves his kids and is always talking about them.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: Yeah, they asked me to sing a song for Bridge to Terabithia, which was a little intimidating. I actually tried to quit a couple times, but they just really wanted me to do it. And I'm glad I did, because it was an experience I've never done before, and stretched me, and I had a good time, and it was a fun thing.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about going to college) Yes! Oh my gosh. 100% yes, definitely. I've always wanted to go to college--I don't know what college--just to explore the world. I want to learn languages--many, multiple languages. And I love to help people, so I think it would be fun to do some nonprofit work. I already am doing nonprofit work, but just to try to help people.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: I only want to do good projects. I want to make good decisions. If it's just a dumb movie, then no, I'd rather stay in school. But if it's a movie worth telling and that I think I would really benefit from, then I would like to do it. And that's one of the reasons I still live in Colorado. I love being with my family and going to school, and then when I come out to L.A., that is the time to be in the movies. People ask me the questions, I do the promotion work, then I get to go back home and live my life.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about celebrities she admires) I really like Natalie Portman. She went to college, and she's still in the film industry, making good choices in her career. And I think Hilary Swank and Charlize Theron — they're both two actresses that I've worked with and that I admire for how good they are, what they do, how grounded they are, how kind they are to everyone, and they treat everybody the same.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about being noticed by fans) It's just what comes along with the job. It's increasing more and more; there's more recognition, but sometimes I feel a little bad for my friends when we go to the mall. I feel bad for them rather than for myself, because they might feel a little bit uncomfortable or they're just tired of it. But you know, I'm just AnnaSophia, and I'm just going to the mall and I'm as goofy as ever, and they'll get stopped, and it makes them feel kind of uncomfortable, so I feel bad for my family. But I knew this was coming, and I just have to deal with it with grace.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about playing a child who never showered in "The Reaping") It was pretty nasty. Every day I'd get in and it was just dirt, all dirt. They would cover me, but it was fake dirt, which was kind of weird. So it was actually a bit of a relief, because I could spill stuff on my wardrobe by accident, and it wouldn't really matter, and I could get all dirty and no one would really care. I just had to be careful about touching other people.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about the book "Bridge to Terabithia", and her character in the movie) I love Leslie. She's always lit. She always has this happiness and glow about her, that I think people just get attracted to. And no one can bring her down.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about what attracted her to the character of Opal in "Because of Winn Dixie")There are not many characters for kids that have much depth, and she really has a quality to her. She has an understanding of human beings. She can kind of sense their sadness, sense that they need somebody.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about actress Dakota Fanning) She's actually younger than me, which is kind of weird. She's a wonderful actress. I really admire her. I'm thankful that I got to work with her little sister [Elle]. But I'd like to meet her one day. I saw I am Sam, and she was wonderful in that. She was six or seven when she did that, and it was quite interesting. But I really look up to Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, because the younger actors have had good careers, but I don't think our generation has had enough experience to really be looked up to.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about the director of "Bridge to Terabithia") I love his accent! He's Hungarian, so he's fun to listen to.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: I love gum, I kept gum and blueberries. They are very good together actually. I kept all the gum that I chewed on set.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (on filming a movie in a small town) Well, I'm kind of an urban girl, I like big cities. I like New York, I like London, I like L.A. I like people, I get lonely, really, really easily. But I think it was good, It was very different and I think that's good.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about co-star Bailee Madison in "Bridge to Terabithia") And that's how Bailee Madison is, who plays little May Belle. She reminds me a lot of Leslie, because she was dancing around one day, and she just fell over--you know, she tripped. She wasn't embarrassed at all. She just got right back up and started dancing again. And I really admire that. And I think everyone should try to have that, because we're all just people.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about co-star Josh Hutcherson's competitiveness while filming the race scenes for "Bridge to Terabithia") He's a boy, so he's extremely competitive. What can you say? All the boys there. We, at the beginning, were trying to work out the timing. And Josh says he was just trying to work out the timing, but really, he wanted to show everyone that he was faster than the car that was driving alongside us, trying to film. That's really what he was trying to prove. But we finally got it worked out. And I was tired by the end of it. I mean, just running back and forth, back and forth, doing all these different things. And at lunch, he goes, "Let's race!" I was like, "Okay. Fine, Josh, we'll race. Fine. Whatever you want." So we say go, and I take off, but then I stopped and just [turned around and walked] back, because I'm all tired. And he gets to the end, and he's all excited, and he's like, "Yes! I won! I won! I won!" He turns around, and he's like looking for me, and then he realized it was a hoax. And his face was so disappointed I actually felt kind of guilty. I was like, "Jeez. Wow, he takes it really serious." But he's definitely a fast runner.

    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about filming scenes in "Bridge to Terabithia," where the special effects were not added until after filming) It was a challenge, but it was a good challenge. It was fun. I think just reacting to tennis balls and a man who had a blue suit on was hard for me, but I had seen paintings of all these mythical Terabithian creatures. So I really tried to visualize them when I was acting in the scene, so I could act like they were attacking me, and feel like if the thing was "this big" or "this big," I would vary how much I would react.

    • AnnaSophia: (about Johnny Depp) He's great, yeah he was really wonderful. He's the sweetest guy. He just makes you feel really comfortable.

    • AnnaSophia: (about her audition for Winn-Dixie) I didn't think I would get the part. I thought I did a horrible job. I was like I'm not going to get the part. I just knew I wasn't. I did.

    • AnnaSophia: (about Tim Burton) He's the most brilliant man. He has an imagination that just goes off the charts. Most people think Tim Burton is pretty weird, but he's not. He's really normal. He has funny hair and he wears really cool glasses.

    • AnnaSophia: I started screaming! I was jumping up and screaming and running around. I was so excited because I had only been in acting for about a year, and I had gotten my first big film. So I was really excited.

    • AnnaSophia: I love performing in front of people. I love meeting people, nice people. I don't just want to do acting. I want to do acting and study chemistry.

    • AnnaSophia: (about her commercials) I thought it was kind of normal. Most people think it's kind of weird. I didn't think it was that odd. I knew I had filmed it, and I thought it was okay.