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    • AnnaSophia Robb: (about co-star Josh Hutcherson's competitiveness while filming the race scenes for "Bridge to Terabithia") He's a boy, so he's extremely competitive. What can you say? All the boys there. We, at the beginning, were trying to work out the timing. And Josh says he was just trying to work out the timing, but really, he wanted to show everyone that he was faster than the car that was driving alongside us, trying to film. That's really what he was trying to prove. But we finally got it worked out. And I was tired by the end of it. I mean, just running back and forth, back and forth, doing all these different things. And at lunch, he goes, "Let's race!" I was like, "Okay. Fine, Josh, we'll race. Fine. Whatever you want." So we say go, and I take off, but then I stopped and just [turned around and walked] back, because I'm all tired. And he gets to the end, and he's all excited, and he's like, "Yes! I won! I won! I won!" He turns around, and he's like looking for me, and then he realized it was a hoax. And his face was so disappointed I actually felt kind of guilty. I was like, "Jeez. Wow, he takes it really serious." But he's definitely a fast runner.