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Anndi McAfee

Anndi McAfee


9/28/1979, Los Angeles, California

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Anndi L. McAfee, Anndi Lynn McAfee
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In addition to all her TV work, Anndi has done a lot of voice roles in movies and video games.

    • Anndi holds a Master's degree in Communication Studies.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 1992 Young Artist Award for Outstanding Voice-Over in an Animation Series in Dink, the Little Dinosaur.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 1993 Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a Television Movie in When No One Would Listen.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 1994 Young Artist Award for Youth Actress Leading Role in a Television Series in Home Free.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 1994 Young Artist Award for Best Youth Actress Guest Starring in a Television Show in Baywatch.

    • Anndi won the 1994 Young Artist Award for Best Youth Actress in a Voiceover Role - TV or Movie in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 1998 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Voiceover - TV or Film - Young Actress in Recess.

    • Anndi was nominated for a 2003 DVD Premiere Award for Best Original Song in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to the Big Water.

    • Both Anndi and her brother, Scott, has provided voices for the characters in the Land Before Time series.
      Scott played Littlefoot during Land Before Time II-IV, while Anndi played Cera during Land Before Time V-present.

      It's a bit intersting that when Scott stopped doing voice-overs for Littlefoot, Anndi started doing them for Cera.

    • She did the Voice of Monica in Dark Cloud 2.

  • Quotes

  • This girl is talented!

    Anndi McAfee is very talented. A lot of her roles I've seen on TV were as an "A" Crowd chick with a bit of a snobby streek but with a very sweet side deep down.

    She did the voice of Ashley A on Recess. Ashley A, of course, was the most popular girl in Third-Street Elementary School. She was rather snobby, but she did show a bit of a sweet side in a few episodes.

    She also played Brittany on Lloyd In Space. Brittany was the most popular girl in Luna Vista Middle School. She was the crushee of Lloyd Nebulon, but she always treated him like dirt. Still, she had a secret she was hiding from everybody. She really loved Lloyd too. She was just afraid to show it, because she was afraid of her image being ruined.

    She guest starred in Boy Meets World as Malissa. Malissa was a very nice girl Cory went on a few dates with to help him get over Topanga.

    Anndi is really talented and she is SO SO FUNNY!!!!!moreless