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  • Anne Dudek is most known for her performance of "Amber, a.k.a Cut Throat B****" on Fox's number one scripted program "House." She has also had guest appearances on other television shows such as "Bones" and "Charmed".

    Anne Dudek is someone who i had recognized, but just couldnt place when she first appeared on House. Throughout the entire episode i was trying to place her, but it just didnt go anywhere, and after the episode i figured out that her name was Anne Dudek, and that she didnt have as good of a career that i hoped that she had had up to that point. I figured out that she was in charmed and bones and immediatley watched the episodes that she appeared in and saw that her talents were elsewhere. One of my most tearful and sad moments of the 2007- 2008 television series was in the fourth season finale of House, when Amber past away. I was crushed. I really loved the character and thought that Dudek did an emmy worthy job. Of course i say that a lot, but she even matched the performance of Hugh Laurie. A very talented actress that deserves her own show.