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    • Anne Dudek: (on having several projects at the same time; in a 2008 interview) So many times I've been in LA as an out-of-work actor, bored out of my mind. Now I'll be driving to work at 5 a.m., laughing. I guess this is what I wanted!

    • Anne Dudek: (On comparisons between her and her character in The Book Group) I have absolutely no similarities with her whatsoever. Clare is actually a really immature 56-year-old with incredible skin. Which just shows my supreme skill as an actress!

    • Anne Dudek: (on how to make it on popular shows like Mad Men) Just a lot of hard work. Some people feel very lucky, but i think they work really hard as well.

    • Anne Dudek: I like television... I like the idea of taking a character and living with them for a long time in the way that a television series can do.

    • Anne Dudek: (when asked if she ever takes her engagement ring off during auditions) I would never take my ring off! That's not how you get a job, people!

    • Anne Dudek: (on working with Hugh Laurie on House) It's intimidating. It's really scary. He's one of the best actors on television. Period. He's incredible. You're so intimidated that you're actually able to do a scene with somebody who you admired so much.

    • Anne Dudek: (on being part of "The Human Stain") I was surrounded by people whose work I'd always admired, like Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris and Gary Sinise. To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed to be there.

    • Anne Dudek: (on coming in the 4th season of House) It's interesting to see television series over three years evolve and then feel like I'm gonna come and step into this series after people have been established enough. They've had major archs and major things happen to them.

    • Anne Dudek: (on why the 1st series of The Book Group struck a chord) What I - and I think a lot of people - respond to is the subtle mixture of comedy and pathos... How can something be so funny and so sad at the same time? There is nothing else on TV that walks that line.

    • Anne Dudek: (on the show ER) Because we're fascinated by death, it's The Big Event in all our lives. That's why an emergency room is inherently such a good setting for TV drama.

    • Anne Dudek: (on living in Glasgow) I'm really enjoying it. I love the cold, damp blustery greyness you get over here. In Los Angeles, where I live now, every single day is so sunny and perfect you soon get used to it and don't appreciate it any more.