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Anne Flett-Giordano started scriptwriting in the 1970s with college friend Chuck Ranberg. Their first big job was writing scripts for "Kate and Allie", and stayed on with the show creator Bill Persky for "Working It Out". After a year of unemployment, due to smart shows not interested in their work due to them being associated with "Kate and Allie", they ended up working for Frasier by chance, as David Lee came to see a play that they had written, "End Of The World Party". They were the first writers to be hired on Frasier.

Giordano and Ranberg served as creative consultants for the first season of "Frasier" and both moved up the ladder to co-producer, producer and finally supervising producer. Both won five Emmy Awards for their work on "Frasier", four for Outstanding Comedy Series and one for writng the episode entitled "An Affair to Forget" in 1995.

In 1998 Chuck Ranberg and Anne Flett-Giordano teamed up with David Lee, Peter Casey and David Angell to create the sitcom "Encore! Encore!" starring Nathan Lane. Due to low ratings though, the sitcom was cancelled after half a season in early 1999.

After the failure of "Encore! Encore!" Giordano and Ranberg wrote and also served as creative consultants
for "Becker" and creative consultants of the short lived "Bram & Alice".

In 2003 Giordano and Ranberg created sitcom "It's All Relative" were they wrote the pilot and served as executive producers, but with low ratings the show didn't last long.