Anne Hathaway





11/12/1982 , Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway




Anne Hathaway, born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York on November 12, 1982, is an award-winning actress who first starred in Fox television network's hit series Get Real. Her acting has been compared to that of Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn. As a young child, Anne wanted to become a nun, but soon changed her mind when she learned that the Catholic church doesn't support homosexuals like her brother, Michael. She is a stage-trained actress, and was the first teenager to be part of The Barrow Group Theater Company's acting program. Hathaway prefers to act on stage than on films. Her big break in movies came when she was selected to play the role of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries in 2001. That performance would earn her a nomination in the Best Breakthrough Performance category of the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. Soon after her first movie role, Hathaway acted in blockbuster movie hits, including Brokeback Mountain, Alice in Wonderland and Love and Other Drugs.