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  • An okay actress.

    Anne Heche is definitely the type of an actress that most people don't like. She lives her life the way she wants and she's not afraid to show it to anyone. Her career is full of ups and downs, and her decisions surprised many people and many people hated her. I personally think Anne is quite original. OK, maybe she isn't the best person, but she's struggling through life just like every other star, trying to find her way in her world. She is human. She isn't perfect. No one is. But I definitely understand why people don't like her. It seems like she doesn't care much about it. That's the best way to act. Anne is original, beautiful and I can't wait to see how this actress will surprise us in the future.
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    Anne Heche, best known as Ellen DeGeneres' ex, is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Milk Money."
  • Rode to fame, or should I say, infamy, on Ellen's Coat tails

    I would have given her a 0.0 rating, but she deserves credit for having pretented to be a lesbian for so long. She certainly had Ellen fooled.

    Her biography says people fretted that her career would be destroyed by her "coming out," but she seems to have worked the notoriety of being gay into a platform for better roles. This she did at the expense of Ellen's feelings and the gay community, which certainly didn't need her using homosexuality for publicity.

    But justice would prevail as her career has faltered since she dumped Ellen and claimed she was now straight again after being magically healed of a serious mental breakdown.

    As for her acting, it really leaves a lot to be desired. The best on screen role I saw her in, John Q, was because she basically played herself, a nasty, calculating jerk.

    No one should be allowed to thrive at the expense of someone else's feeling or by trying to jump on the bandwagon of a group of people suffering from discrimination. Notice she jumped off that bandwagon in 2000, as the country was taking a decidedly conservative turn.