Anne Jeffreys





1/26/1923 , Goldsboro, North Carolina

Birth Name

Anne Carmichael




Anne Jeffreys was born Anne Carmichael in 1923 in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She was trained at an early age in voice. Her singing is what got her started into acting. She got her first break into the entertainment field singing with the John Robert Powers agency in New York as a junior model. In the early 1940s, she got a big break and won a role in the musical review "Fun for the Money". This was staged in Hollywood. The next role she had was her first movie Rodgers & Hart adaptation of I Married an Angel. This was shot in 1942. She got to sing with Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald in their last cinematic pairing.

She then was put under contract by both Republic and RKO studios. From these contracts she got roles in many 40s "B" westerns and crimers. One of these movies included the part of Tess Trueheart in the Dick Tracy series. She also got a role opposite Frank Sinatra in the war-era musical Step Lively in 1944. None of these roles got her enough notice to get into the "A" movies.

Movies and music were not to be where she shined. Her film career had disolved, she went into stage appearance including: "Tosca" at the Brooklyn Opera House, Kurt Weill's "Street Scene" and the Broadway musical "My Romance".

Her married to Joseph R, Serena ended in divorced in 1949. Though she has a beautiful voice and music was her entrance into acting. The most important thing that music gave her was to met actor Robert Sterling during an extended run (887 performances) of "Kiss Me Kate".
She and Robert married in 1951. The couple had three sons and are still married today.

More than a wonderful marriage and family this relationship lead to the success of her career. It is said that Robert and Anne they got the roles of Marion and George Kerby from their successful club act. In 1953 the were featured as the Kerby ghosts in "Topper". These roles were originated on film by Constance Bennett and Cary Grant. In 1958 after the end of "Topper" they unsuccessfully tried to recreate the same magic in a short the short-lived series "Love That Jill".

Success was to be in a different area for Anne in the 1960s. Anne was only seen occasionally as she took off this time to raise her family. She used her music and voice skills to stay intake with her acting. She appeared in two Broadway productions, "Camelot" and "The King and I".

When she returned to full time TV and was known for her matron parts in both day and night time continuing drama -soap operas. Her credits include: "Bright Promise" "General Hospital" "Falcon Crest" "Baywatch" In 1972 she was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her supporting work in "The Delphi Bureau" which was a drama series. She has a long list of successful TV roles for which "Topper" was the first.