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    • Anne Jeffreys was awarded a Hollywood Walk of fame star for her work in television. The star is located at 1501 Vine Street.

    • Anne Jeffrey's mother made her learn to type. Anne said that her mother made her take typing.
      Anne: In case I did not make it as a singer, I'd have something to fall back on.

    • 40% of Anne Jeffreys outfits are pink. When asked about why she has so much pink clothing, Anne is quoted as saying: My mother never dressed me in that as a child. She dressed my sister in pink.

    • Because of her role in The Delphi Bureau, Anne Jefferys has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star is located on the corner of vine and Sunnet. She is quoted as saying "When my star was being put there, I didn't even know it was there." She has never stopped to see it herself.

    • Mrs. Carmichael was living in New York when she was pregnant with Anne. Two weeks before she was to deliver, she came home to North Carlina so that her child, Anne, could be born in Goldsboro, NC.

    • Anne Jeffreys has done much charity work. She is on the board of directors for the American Cinema Awards Foundation, and the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. In addition, she is Ambassador for Childhelp USA. In 1998 Anne Jefferys received from the Women's International Center the Living Legacy Award. They consider her "a woman for every season."

    • Before her marriage to Robert Sterling, Anne Jeffreys was married to Joseph R, Serena. They were divorced in 1949.

    • Anne Jeffrey's is sometimes in the credits as: Anne Jeffries or Ann Jeffries.

    • Anne Jefferys has always been a positive lady and has been quoted as saying, "There were no lowlights, dear; that's negative."

    • Anne Jefferys was once the highest-paid woman on Broadway.

    • Anne Jefferys has always been know for her style and grace. She has been featured frequently on SOAP OPERA WEEKLY's Dressed for Success pages.

    • This is a quote from Anne Jefferys: "My life has been a full, happy and active on; and I hope I'll always be as busy as a blind dog in a meat shop. I thrive on activity."

    • Anne Jefferys has appeared in Baywatch as David Hasselhoff's mother.

    • Anne Jefferys spent four years on Homeshopping Network. She has a line of her own skin care products as well as a personal perfume. The line is called "Now and Always."

    • Anne Jefferys was popular in Broadway musicals. Some of the best know productions were: "My Romance," "Bittersweet", "The Merry Widow." Then Cole Porter gave her a big break. He offered her a role in "Kiss Me Kate". That production gave Anne 887 consecutive performances on Broadway.

    • Anne Jefferys opera training was helpful in her career. While doing movies for RKO she also had a singing career performing with the Ford Symphony and the Los Angeles Opera Company.

    • RKO bought out her contract with Republic Studios in order for Anne to co-star with Frank Sinatra in "Step Lively."

    • Anne Jefferys cast in in "Flying Tigers" which starred John Wayne.

    • Anne Jeffreys first movie role, it was "I Married an Angel." She was very excited about this part because she was able to act with her idols Janette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

    • Her first musical role was "Fun for the Money."

    • In her youth, Anne Jeffreys was a leading junior model for John Robert Powers in New York. At the time she was studying for an operatic career.

    • Anne Jeffrey's had been cast in the role of the Dutchess of York. This is a a film directed by Richard M. Anderson and written by William Shakespeare. The film which is presently in production is titled, "Richard III". It is due to come out in 2006.

    • Anne Jeffery's and Robert Sterling are were married in 1951 and are still married. They had three children together. Their sons names are: Jeffrey, Dana and Tyler.

      When asked about her husband she responded to SOAP OPERA WEEKLY on April 4, 2001: "I wasn't going to marry him. Marry a good-looking actor? Fight off the women all the time? He was handsome and he was fun. As it turned out, I couldn't have found a more loyal, wonderful husband."

    • In the original movie Topper, the role of Marion Kerby was played by Constance Bennett.

    • At the time that Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys, were playing George and Marion Kerby, they were married to each other in real life.

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