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Anne Kirkbride

Anne Kirkbride


6/21/1954, Oldham, Lancashire, England

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Ann Kirkbride
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  • Deidre...What can we say. She is talented has the the most intresting personality.She is a beautiful person and i love her. She has been through many different situations in her time and has pulled through every one of those. She's an inspiration tmoreless

    If i could have one wish i would wish to meet ann kirkbridge, she is sooooo lovely and i have seen her on a documentary and she seems a lovely lovely person. I want to be her, even though she smoks alot i think shes trying to give up and that is a real effort and i hope it will result in an achievment and forever happiness.

    She has been in almost a million relationships and has had her last name changed more than i have underwear. Although her daughter tracy is very selfish deidre has kept her cool and looked after her and amy in all circumstances.

    What a woman...moreless