Anne Rice

Anne Rice


10/4/1941, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Howard Allen O'Brien



Also Known As

Anne Rampling, A. N. Roquelaure, Anne Rampling
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Anne Rice began life as 'Howard Allen O'Brien', second of four daughters born to Howard and Katherine Allen O'Brien. She decided to call herself Anne when she enrolled in first grade at the Redemptorist Catholic School. Her mother (who had long suffered from alcoholism) died when Anne was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Anne re-married her husband Stan after her return to the Catholic Church, so that their union would be blessed by God.

    • Anne had a three hour session with a Catholic Priest in 1998 in confession. Confession, is a Catholic rite of penitence. This was her only interaction with a member of the Clergy since whe was 18 years old.

    • Anne's favorite movies are: Evita, La Dolce Vita, The Godfather, Raging Bull, and The Red Shoes.

    • Anne was not impressed by the casting of Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat in Interview With A Vampire. She felt that he would be unable to reach the level of a vampire like the powerful Lestat. She was going to boycott the entire production, but went to a showing alone, and was pleased with his role.

    • Anne oversaw the making of her novel The Witching Hour made into a television limited series; a mini-series that extended over ten hours. John Wilder was responsible for the writing and producing of the scripts.

    • Anne has five Siberian cats that she considers family, they are very lovable, demanding, and sweet to her.

    • Anne's hobbies used to be maintaining two pre-Civil War houses in New Orleans and devoting time to her extensive doll collection, which included an assortment of French antique dolls. But that part of her life closed, and she got rid of those possesions, rather than continue to acquire them. That part of her life is over, so she needed to let it go, to simplify.

    • Anne reads historical books to unwind, to be in Florida with the deck door open to the sound of the crashing waves, and a good book open to the pages on the decline of Paganism is the perfect relaxant.

    • Anne never read a novel for pleasure until she was 35 years old, she was a slow reader. The first novel she read was Ordinary People by Judith Guest.

    • Anne held a variety of jobs before her husband Stan told her that she should stay at home and write her novel. She was a: waitress, receptionist, a claims examiner, a theater usherette, and a proofreader for a law book company.

    • Anne's first job was at a Walgreen's cafeteria over a drugstore on Canal and Baronne Street in New Orleans when she was 16 years old.

    • Anne retained her obsession with ritual, obsessions, and purification with lavish detail and gaudy decor in her newest style of writing in Christ The Lord.

    • Anne's fans are passionate about her, and she returns the feeling, e-mailing tirelessly with them and sometimes posting messages on their blogs.

    • Anne reinvented the vampire myth nearly 80 years after Bram Stoker published Dracula. She recast the secret underworld of the undead as beings entranced by the world's beauty yet haunted by spiritual despair. Her series, collectively known as 'The Vampire Chronicles' was compelling enough to sustain readers through nine sequels.

    • Anne sold off her elaborate New Orleans gothic mansion. The mansion holds it's own church, three fully-furnished guest rooms, and her doll collection. She bought the 60,000-square-foot mansion, a former orphanage, in 1993 to stage her doll collection and hold parties there. The mansion, that takes up an entire block, sold for $6.5 million.

    • Anne hung pictures of herself giving birth to her son Christopher all along the walls of her mansion.

    • Anne's novel The Vampire Lestat was made into a stage production, with songs by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Anne is very pleased with the production.

    • Anne decided to sell all of her New Orleans' property and move out of state after she was living alone for so long. Her husband had passed away and her son moved to California, so she left as well, right before Hurricane Katrina hit.

    • Anne's fans would sit outside of her New Orleans' home on Sundays, in crowds as large as 200, waiting to catch a glimpse of her leaving for church.

    • Anne fell into a deep depression after her husband died, and she gained a lot of weight, increasing to 254 pounds. The weight caused a lot of medical problems, including sleep apnea. To alleviate the problems, she underwent a gastric-bypass operation in 2003.

    • Anne discovered that she has type 1 Diabetes when she fell into a Diabetic coma in December of 1998. She now is an advocate for Diabetes testing.

    • Anne vowed to never go back to writing of vampires, even if it meant financial ruin. It would be turning her back on God, selling her soul to the Devil, in her eyes.

    • Anne's first book in her new series is titled Christ The Lord Out Of Egypt. The novel takes on the difficult task of writing the child Jesus from a first person perspective, tracing a couple of years in the child Jesus' early life. From the return of Egypt, to the finding of the Temple.

    • Anne's son Christopher is an openly gay man, and she wrestled with the church's stance on homosexuality when she thought of converting. She remains a passionate supporter of homosexual rights and religion.

    • Anne announced in a Newsweek article that she would leave the world of vampires and darkness to 'write only for the Lord', after spending all of her adult life as a self-described atheist. She returned to her Roman Catholic faith in 1998.

    • Anne's characters often display homoeroctic feelings towards each other, leaning towards bi-sexuality. For in her characters, a love beyond gender needed to be relayed.

    • Anne has written adult-oriented fiction under the alias Anne Rampling, and explicit sadomasochistic erotica under the alias of A.N.Roquelaure. The pen names are to protect the identity of her family, not because she is not proud of her writings.

    • Anne wrote the character of Claudia, the child vampire in Interview With A Vampire, based on her daughter Michelle.

    • Anne met Stan Rice at age 16, after her mother died from alcoholism, her father remarried and moved the family to Richardson, Texas. Anne met Stan at Richardson High School.

    • Anne's character the Vampire Lestat, is based on her late husband Stan. His will, courage, thirst for life, vigor, and beauty.

    • Anne had several of her novels turned into movies: Interview With A Vampire, Exit To Eden, The Queen Of The Damned. The Novel The Feast Of All Saints was made into a Showtime cable series.

    • Anne wrote her first published novel, Interview With A Vampire, in 1973. She sold it to Knopf Publishing House the following year for $150,000.

    • Anne and her husband Stan lived in Haight-Ashbury in the mid 1960s, in the middle of what was known as 'hippie central', typing away while others smoked marijuana and dropped LSD.

    • Anne is famous for her gothic and grisly vampire and witch novels, all set in New Orleans, where she lived while writing them.

    • Two of Anne's favorite books are Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, calling them her inspirations to start writing.

    • Anne's son Christopher was born in 1978. He is now an accomplished author.

    • Anne gave birth to a daughter, Michele, in 1966. At the age of 5, Michele passed away from leukemia.

    • Anne married Stan Rice in 1961. They remained married until Stan died of a brain tumor.

    • Anne was named Howard Allen O'Brien at birth, her mother felt that by naming her after her father, she would gain an unusual advantage in the world. On the first day of Catholic school a Nun asked her name, and she quickly replied 'Anne'. Knowing how she felt about her given name, her mother never corrected it.

    • Anne has also published under the name Anne Rampling.

    • Anne Rice is from New Orleans.

    • Rice is an alcoholic with 22 years sobriety.

    • Anne's autobiography is entitled Straight From the Heart: My Life in Politics and Other Places.

    • Anne's first novel, Interview With a Vampire, has sold over four million copies and is the most widely read vampire novel since Bram Stoker's Dracula.

    • Anne is known as "America's Literary Queen of Horror".

    • Anne now runs the New York Office of a company called Public Strategies.

    • Anne must exercise regularly to combat her osteoporosis.

    • Anne Rice moved to New York City in 2001.

  • Quotes

    • Anne: Live and write as if you were already discovered. Demand respect and time for yourself as a writer as if you were already published and famous. Consider yourself a consummate professional even if you moonlight in a garage or at a kitchen table. This is how great writers are made.

    • Anne: My vampires are metaphors for the outsiders, the lost, the wanderers in the darkness who remembered the warmth of God's light but couldn't find it.

    • Anne: The subject of Christ in my new books is in no way a departure from my previous works; no one who knows my work could possibly think so.

    • Anne: I wrote Interview With A Vampire without ever realizing I was writing about loss. I was writing about my daughter's loss. And I was writing about my loss of Catholic faith long before that, because I had lost my faith in the year 1960, when I first went to college.