Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson


9/26/1944, Crosby, Liverpool, England, UK

Birth Name

Anne Josephine Robinson


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  • Person you loved to hate!

    Really one insulting lady as she really is one mean you know what. And that don't know why that show works. As it works in the UK but in the US, that didn't work. Being mean to the contestants as there are better ways to approach this whole entire way to treat your contestants like your customers. As she doesn't do that at all. Don't know why people love to see that. Because what she does is mean and humiliating. And that she embarrasses the contestants and what she should do is be a little more nicer. But she is warming up and talking about her drinking problems. Which is a good start to soften her image.moreless
  • hahaha, she is one of my fav game show hosts.

    When I used to live in the UK, when I was a little younger, I remeber looking up to Anne, and trying to be like her. lol. She's not the nicest person in the world, but she is a great host, and I like her clippy, precise maner. It's wondefull. I like how she adds demension to the show and insults the people compeating in it. I know it's not the nicest thing, but nobody messes with Anne. HAha. I hope that in future episodes, we'll see more of her meaness. Cheers Anne, your a great host! Kepp it coming!moreless