Anne Thornley-Brown

Anne Thornley-Brown


Kingston, Jamaica

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Anne Thornley-Brown


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Anne was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Montreal. She attended McGill University and the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Anne has an MBA from York University. When she is not acting, Anne enjoys horseback riding, salsa dancing, canoeing, and chess.

Anne was a professional counsellor…more


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    • Anne has appeared in a number of TV commercials most recently for Casinorama and the Canadian Parapalegic Association.

    • Anne served as the Programming Director on the MBA Women's Association Board of Directors for 1 year.

    • Anne is an avid polo fan. She volunteers as a hostess for the corporate tables at Polo for Heart in Toronto every year.

    • Anne's adventure of a lifetime was going on a desert safari in Dubai and then taking the Dhow cruise. She looks forward to camping out overnight in the desert in Dubai next year.

    • Anne's favourite resort is The Enchanted Garden in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

    • Anne enjoys horseback riding. She has gone riding in the snow in Canada, on the beach and in the water in Jamaica, in the jungle in Singapore, and in the desert in Dubai.

    • Anne received development funding from the Harold Greenberg fund for her screenplay Back A Yad. This was quite an accomplishment for a first time screenwriter.

    • Anne received dvelopment funinding from the Harold Greenberg fund for her screenplay Back A Yad. This was quite an accomplishment for a first time screenwriter.

    • Anne's first television appearance was as a member of the studio audience on the Johnny Jelly Bean show starring Ted Zigler produced by CFCF TV in Montreal.

    • Anne was a contestant on the Canadian game show Jackpot.

    • Anne who played Spike's Counsellor on the International Emmy Award Winning TV series "Degrassi Juniour High", really used to be a professional counsellor. She has an MSW from the University of Illinois.

    • Anne was a finalist in the Miss Jamaica of Montreal pageant.

    • Anne was a professional counsellor for 7 1/2 years.

    • Anne co-authored the book "West Indians in Toronto: Implications for Helping Professionals".

    • When Anne was attending McGill University, she worked as a summer flight attendant for Air Canada.

    • Anne has travelled to 19 countries on 3 continents (North America, Europe and Asia). The countries she has visited include Mexico, Bermuda, Trinidad, The Bahamas, France, Germany, England, Belgium, and Dubai, She has had 16 trips to Asia where she travelled to Bangkok, Singapore, India, Japan, and all over Malaysia.

    • Anne was a contestant on the game show Split Second when it was hosted by Monty Hall. Unfortunately, she didn't win.

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