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  • Damn is she beautiful!

    Anne Tremko is one of those actresses who makes me ask, "What happened?" I thought she was the best and brightest (and most beautiful) part of Saved by the Bell: The College Years, and it seemed a given that her career would continue to grow after that show ended. But it didn't. Except for a few guest spots here and there, she's pretty much fallen off the map. Why? I guess it's just one of those things where an actress having looks and ability doesn't guarantee success, while far less skilled actresses watch their careers skyrocket. I still keep hoping that someone will rediscover this beautiful gem and put the spotlight back on her.
  • A welcome addition to any TV show.

    I have enjoyed Anne Tremko's performances ever since her series stint on "Saved by the Bell : The College Years." She also appeared on one of my favorite shows, "The Adventures of Brisco County" (a series which should have continued longer). I notice that she also appeared on one of my least favorite shows, "The District" (which, inexplicably, CBS allowed to continue much too long --- its fantasy of an ultra-sensitive police force in a fairy-tale version of Washington, D.C. should not have been portrayed as a semi-realistic show). If I had known that Anne was on the show, I might have watched just for the pleasure of seeing her,