Anneliese van der Pol

Anneliese van der Pol


9/23/1984, Holland (Naaldwijk), Netherlands

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Anneliese Louise van der Pol



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Anneliese van der Pol was born in North Hollard, Netherlands to parents Willem van der Pol and Dyan Ross, who when Anneliese was 3, moved to the U.S. She has two older sisters, Rachel and Sarah.
She attended Washington Elementary School in Bellflower, California and graduated from the…more


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    • Recently visited Israel where she filmed scenes for "Shalom Sesame" which is the Israeli version of Sesame Street. The multi-part series will focus on Jewish traditions and identity and will air during Hanukkah 2010.

    • Recently cast as "Esther" in Houston's Theater Under The Star's production of "Meet Me In St Louis" which will run from Sept 29,2009 to October 11,2009.

    • Was recently cast as Kathy in Vanities: A New Musical which made its pre-broadway run in Pasadena, CA during August & September 2008. It will make its official Broadway run on February 2, 2009 in NYC.

    • Anneliese was still in high school when she got the part of "Chelsea" on That's So Raven. They accommodated her so that she could continue going to school part time while filming the show.

    • While recording the film Divorce: The Musical, they had to stop for a while because she got terribly sick.

    • Anneliese played the role of Avery in the Bratz (2007) movie. She played as an antagonist.

    • Anneliese's favorite dress to wear from Beauty and the Beast is the pink dress she wears in act two.
      Her favorite song to sing from the show is "A Change in Me" because she can belt in that song more than her others.
      Her favorite animal is the hummingbird.
      Her favorite subject in school was English.
      Her favorite topic of conversation is politics Her favorite time of day is 1 a.m.
      Her favorite time of year is autumn.
      Her favorite style of music is alternative rock.
      Her favorite outdoor activity is camping.
      Her favorite sport is tennis.
      Her favorite actors are Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Daniel Atuel, Daniel Day Lewis, and Kevin Spacey.
      Her favorite color is green.
      Her favorite TV shows are: Friends, Bernie Mac, and Wanda at Large.
      Her favorite comedians are Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Tracy Ulman, and Will Farrell.
      Her favorite ice cream flavors are Chocolate Brownie and Gold Medal Ribbon.
      Her favorite singers/bands are Dave Matthews, Beck, Jeff Buckley, Peter Gabriel, Ani DiFranco, Tracy Chapman, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Eva Cassidy , Dave Matthews Band, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Sublime, and Coldplay.
      Her favorite movies are Sophie's Choice, What About Bob, and The Shawshank Redemption.
      Her favorite food is chocolate.
      Her favorite person in the cast of That's So Raven is Klye Massey.
      Her favorite Thats So Raven episode is "Don't Have a Cow", because she liked the make-up.

    • During the dungeon scene in Beauty and the Beast, the Beast (played by Steve Blanchard) is supposed to push Anneliese apart from her father. One night he accidently pushed her so hard she hit the ground, what she described as, "really hard."

    • Originally, Anneliese, was not allowed to audition for the part of Chelsea on That's So Raven. Eventually they had seen so many girls that they started seeing "nobodies." Anneliese auditioned numerous times and went through two screen tests, she did not get the part. Three days into production, the girl they hired was fired and they featured Anneliese as a guest star. She ended up being a regular through the show's four season run.

    • Anneliese made her Broadway debut when she joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast, as Belle, on April 3, 2007. She will be the last actress to portray Belle after the show ends it's thirteen-year run on Broadway July 29, 2007.

    • She is a Dutch-American actress and singer.

    • Her mom named her Anneliese after Anne Frank.

    • Anneliese sings the unofficial song, Alone in the Hallways, on the That's So Raven's episode "Road To Audition."

    • The color of Anneliese's eyes are brown, and her natural hair color is brown with orange highlights.

    • Anneliese takes a part of singing in the main song for That's so Raven.

    • Anneliese likes autumn because of the leaves.

    • Anneliese's new song, "A Day in the Sun" is on the That's So Raven 2 Soundtrack.

    • Anneliese is on the Red team on the Disney Channel Games on So Hot Summer 2006!

    • She would like to visit China someday.

    • Anneliese sang with Desi Arnez Jr. in a CD called The Children Of Christmas.

    • Anneliese's first solo recording was "Over It" to the soundtrack for Stuck In The Suburbs, a Disney Channel Original Movie.

    • Anneliese is a soprano and is trained in the belting vocal technique. She also has a vocal range of three and a half octaves.

    • Anneliese looks forward to undertaking dramatic roles after That's So Raven.

    • Anneliese is a constant student of dance and voice who takes weekly acting classes from Andrew Magarian at The Shop in North Hollywood.

    • Anneliese is an accomplished dancer.

    • She was voted "Funniest Girl" in high school.

    • Anneliese's New Years resolution is to go to Europe and visit her sister.

    • Anneliese's hobbies are: singing, dancing, seeing independent films with her best friends.

    • Her wish is: world peace, food and shelter for people everywhere.

    • She says her worst habit is procrastination.

    • She says her worst quality is sarcasm.

    • Her worst fear is the ocean.

    • Anneliese's career goal is To achieve success in the entertainment industry.

    • The quality Anneliese most admires in guys is their sense of humor.

    • Anneliese would like to do a duet with Jeff Buckley and Eva Cassidy.

    • She drives a black BMW

    • She sings the song "Candle On The Water" from the movie "Pete's Dragon" on the "Disney Mania 4" CD

    • She was on Live with Regis & Kelly and sang the song "Friends" from the new That's So Raven soundtrack "That's So Raven Too" with co-star Raven Symone.

    • Anneliese shares the same birthday with Marvin Lewis, Ricky Davis, and Jermaine Dupri.

    • Anneliese entered the 2005 Disney Channel New Year's Eve countdown with Orlando Brown.

    • Anneliese recorded a duet with Raven entitled "Friends" for the That's So Raven 2 soundtrack.

    • The "liese" in Anneliese is pronounced lee-zuh.

    • Anneliese is good friends with Ricky Ullman.

    • She also provides the voice over for her character, Chelsea Daniels, in the That's So Raven: Supernaturally Stylish video game

    • Anneliese's birthstone is the Sapphire.

    • Anneliese was a member of the cast for Divorce: The Musical

    • She received a Young Artist Award in the category, Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series for her role as Chelsea in That's So Raven.

    • He recently was a part of the second Disney Channel of Stars music video for the song A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

    • She was part of the original Disney Channel Circle of Stars which performed their own version of The Circle of Life.

    • Anneliese sings the song from Stuck in the Suburbs called "Over It".

    • She attended the 2005 BET Comedy Awards.

    • Anneliese claims to be bad in math.

    • At 15 years of age, Anneliese is the youngest actress in U.S. theatrical history to portray Eva Peron in the play, Evita, in a professional production.

    • Anneliese has a cartilage piercing on her right ear.

    • Anneliese hated the ice cream scene in They Work Hard For His Money because it was really cold and uncomfortable and they were like that for 6 hours.

    • She hated the episode "Country Cousins" because they had to shoot a lot of the scenes tons of times.

    • Anneliese owns a convertible BMW.

    • Her biggest fear is the ocean.

    • Her celebrity crush is John Cusack.

    • Anneliese enjoys watching independent movies.

    • Anneliese can play baseball.

    • Anneliese attended Orange County High School for the Arts.

    • Anneliese has a mother named Dyan Ross, a father named Wim, and two older sisters named Sarah and Rachel.

    • Anneliese's height is 5'4".

    • Anneliese was in a That's So Raven music video on The Disney Channel.

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