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    • The grown-up Mouseketeer and host of The Mickey Mouse Club, Jimmie Dodd, wrote "Annette! Annette! Annette!" for Annette and performed the song on an episode of the program while Annette ballet-danced with fellow Mouseketeer Bobby Burgess. The lyrics to "Annette! Annette! Annette!" are as follows:

      Who's the little lady who's as dainty as a dream? Who's the one you can't forget? I'll give you just three guesses: Annette! Annette! Annette! When she dances on her toes, She dances in your heart With her pretty pirouette. Each little move expresses: Annette! Annette! Annette! M' oui she's so magnifique` And her Father's pride and Mother's joy. There will come a day they'll give Annette away To the world's luckiest boy. Ask the birds and ask the bees and ask the stars above, Who's their favorite sweet brunette. You know each one confesses: Annette! Annette! Annette! (repeat last stanza)