Annie Duke

Annie Duke


9/13/1965, Concord, New Hampshire

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Annie was born in Concord, New Hampshire into a family who had card playing and competition in their blood. Annie's parents were teachers, with her father having taught at Saint Paul's Prep School in New Hampshire. Then, at the age of 18, Annie matriculated into Columbia University where…more


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    • Annie Duke: DD Tournament Poker is a great game for introducing people to the world of Texas Hold'em poker, ... One of the biggest challenges for new players is to learn the game at their own pace without risking any money. DD Tournament Poker solves this problem by allowing novice and intermediate players to play against savvy computer opponents and to develop a solid understanding of the game before venturing into cash games

    • Annie Duke: If you never get your hand caught in the cookie jar then you're not playing good poker. (When talking about bluffing in poker)

    • Annie Duke: (About being asked who's a better poker player, she or her brother Howard) He's clearly better, I'm not even in his zip code!

  • Annie is one talented poker player.

    Annie Duke. What can I say about her? One thing would be is that she is a great and talented poker player who I like watching on tv when ESPN airs the World Series of Poker events. The reason why I enjoy watching the events she plays in is because of the intense poker stare that she has and because hopefully I can pick up some pointers for the times that I play a friendly game of poker with friends.

    Another thing that I like about her is how she is so successful in a predominantly male-oriented game. Also along this line, would be that she isn't afraid to go heads-up with other professional poker and amateur poker players who might be playing better than her in a particular tournament and knock them out, with a prime example being the 2004 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. On her way to winning this event, she knocked out several tough players, including her brother, who is also a poker player.

    Lastly, what I like about Annie is how when she is on tv, wether it be in a televised tournament or in an interview, she has a great sense of humor and has a great sense of excitement that would no doubt make a person feel at ease around her.

    In conclusion, I find Annie to be a very talented poker player and I wish her the best of luck in winning any tournament that she happens to play in.moreless