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  • Fabulous!

    Annie did a fabulous job in "24". She was very believable as an agent. However, I just hated it when they "killed" Renee Walker off...I wanted her and Jack to live happily ever after! But she

    really gets a "thumbs up" from me on this show. One of the

  • One of the best actresses I seen in 24. Cannot replace her and her character Renee Walker

    Annie is such a great actresss on 24 and her role was something on 24. Her chemistry with Kiefer Sutherland made the chemistry between Jack Bauer and Renee Walker very intense and dramatic. When Renee was killed off, I was outraged and stopped watching 24 as a result of it. I also saw Annie on Cold Case and she was unbeleivablely great on that show. Her character on Cold Case was really something. Annie's versstilty, her ability to express her characters' emotions and her intensity makes Annie one of the most promising actresses I've ever seen. I'll be looking forward to watch in future endeavours and see what her career takes her.