Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson


8/15/1970, Los Angeles, California

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Anthony Anderson


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Anthony Anderson is an actor that has been in a variety of TV shows and movies, 47 in total. Anthony wrote "Dance of the Warrior" for the Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle soundtrack and "Futuro Ex Novio" for the Rebelde soundtrack. Anthony also performed "Hello" on…more


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    • Anthony: DMX is crazy! We weren't attached to a picture car, so we were weaving through the streets and DMX actually floored it, off set just for a little fun.

    • Anthony: I always say I'm gonna be the black Robin Williams! When he made that change, with Dead Poets, that's where it turned around for him, when people started to see what else he had to offer.

    • Anthony: Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond.

    • Anthony: The temperament of a camel and the smell of a camel's ass… A camel smells like hot fermented ass in the desert. They have the fastest digestive system known to man, or animal for that matter. You'd think they'd eat hay and grass, but I think they're on a solid diet of nothing but Mexican food and refried beans.

    • Anthony: (On working with Jet Li and DMX.) It's the combination that's been a winning combination for three films now. We enjoy each other's company. We have a lot of fun and we all have a friendship now so it's good.

    • Anthony: (On working with Jamie Kennedy.) He's crazy. I'm a fan of his television show so that's why when they told me there's a part in this movie, I jumped at the chance to do it. We had a lot of fun. He's a very talented individual.

    • Anthony: You take the quote from Sam Jackson about how he'll never work with a rapper and I can understand where he's coming from because he says rappers can't act, but you know, I've worked with some actors who can't act, as well. If they respect the craft and what we're doing and they bring something to the table and they work hard, I don't care what you do as your side job or as your day job.

    • Anthony: You know, we all have speed bumps in life and its really how you recover after that.

    • Anthony: I was falsely accused of something while filming Hustle and Flow in Memphis. It's unfortunate that celebrities, the hell with celebrities, people are targets of that.

    • Anthony: It was getting to that point where it was just 'Anthony is just the funny guy.' Before it got to that point where I was just known as the comic relief of the film I wanted to really just show the world what I could do.

    • Anthony: (On what he'd do if he encountered a real transformer.) I'd be petrified. But I tell you this: I'd get in the car. That's my personality.

    • Anthony: The first time I walked onto the Megatron set, I said "Wow!" I did. I had my son with me that day, and his jaw dropped. He was just as excited as I was.

    • Anthony: I was completely familiar with Transformers. I grew up watching the cartoon, playing with the action figures myself, Optimus Prime and Megatron and all these guys. That's my era. And to play with these same toys that I played with, 25 years later, with my son, and not only to play with them, but to have a chance to take my son to the movie and have him watch me in it, that's why I had to be a part of it. So, when I heard that they were making this film, and that there was the possibility of a character I could play in it, I was like, "I have to be in this." And I'm such a fan of The Transformers that even if I wasn't on board, I'd be saying "They better not mess it up."

    • Anthony: I have barbecues, swim in the pool with my babies. I'm a man of simple pleasures.

    • Anthony: Comedy is second nature for me.

    • (About the movie The Departure)
      Anthony: Working with Scorsese is a dream come true and we're just having a ball, Just how he commands a set... But we are staying true to the original film. We shot in New York for a couple months, and then we've been in Boston the last three weeks, and then we're coming back to New York through the first week of September. So it's just a nice ride right now.

    • Anthony: I'm not a comedian. I'm an actor who just happens to be funny on occasion.

  • What a great show!

    Blackish is a great show. It shows to hard working parents who are very family oriented. They show great compassion for their children. Teens will be teens, this show describes what teens go through in school and peer pressure.
  • Refreshing

    Anthony Anderson is a refreshing addition to the Law & Order television show. Overall, the entire cast are a great group of actors and actresses, but at times they seem to be a bit "stale" or "boring". Anderson brings that much needed breath of fresh air every show needs. Anderson's character is easily relatable and is the most believable character on the show. I hope Anderson is soon recognized for his great talents and is given the opportunity to display more of his character on the show. The African American community is certainly proud of Anderson and wish him the best of luck and longevity on Law & Order!moreless