Anthony Bain and Michael Bain





Hinesville, Georgia

Birth Name

Michael Bain, and Anthony Bain



Michael, and Anthony LaMar (nee Bain), were born in Georgia, February 24, 1999. There father Josh Bain, was a Sergeant in the US army, but he left them because he was a dick. while there mother Rachel Bain takes care of them and makes sure they get to the studio on time. Michael is very studly. He loves to hug and kiss chicks and always calls the next day! Anthony is also a stud, however he is a bit shy. Since their days as television stars ended, they perused the world to make a difference in this world. They now enjoy lives as the heroes of the city of Atlantis, Pacific Ocean. Michael uses his affinity for aquatic life to will sea creatures to protect the surface from man's pollution. His brother, Anthony, uses his magic to prepare the sea creatures for an invasion of the land!