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  • A man's man and a Chef's Chef.

    Having been in the food business for almost 10 years now, people usually ask me my opinions on the various celebrity chefs, and I always tell them that Anthony Bourdain is my favorite, because he manages to be a chef and a celebrity without being a "celebrity chef."

    The reasoning is rather simple: There have been 9 books that list him as the sole author; only one is a cookbook. He's had 4 TV shows; not a single one of them is a cooking show.

    And when people come back with "well, Emeril had his own sitcom too," my response is usually "yeah, but he was dumb enough to actually star in it."

    Bourdain is very opinionated, especially about his fellow celebrity chefs...however, when he broke bread with Emeril Lagasse in the New Orleans episode of No Reservations, it showed he's also willing to admit when he's wrong.

    Although the chances of him being wrong about Rocco are very slim.
  • I love you I love what your doing. I love to hear your words. Totally hot thank you for being so hot and interesting and brainy.

    I know Anthony is extremely knowledgable and naughty which makes him totally hot. (All do respect Nancy) He is genious at his craft this is obvious but we need more, you know personnaly. However boring or mundain (Bourdains)We want to know about the two of you. Everything so do tell. What do you and Nancy like to do? you know read the New Yorker on sunday mornings together sipping coffee, smoking is this in bed or on a balcony somewhere and who cooks breakfast if any.

    much love, eternaly devoted sylvia johnson
  • Man you love to hate!

    Well the man is the guy you love to hate. As he really is such a jerk. But you love to have that kind of drama. Not for like contestants but for like a producer's dream as they would add up to ratings. As he curses and says a lot of sexist words there. He is unapologetic about his behavior. As he curses, drinks, smokes. But has given up smoking though not drinking after the birth of his daughter last year. In Top Chef, he does show off his "softer" personality with edges when he is the guest judge. Still, he is the guy you love to hate.
  • Unfair!!!!

    I will not be watching this show any longer. I think he put the wrong person off on the 01/15/2015 episode especially since it was Anthony's fault. I feel there was an alternative motive behind the decision.

    Thank you,

    Lost fan