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  • A man's man and a Chef's Chef.

    Having been in the food business for almost 10 years now, people usually ask me my opinions on the various celebrity chefs, and I always tell them that Anthony Bourdain is my favorite, because he manages to be a chef and a celebrity without being a "celebrity chef."

    The reasoning is rather simple: There have been 9 books that list him as the sole author; only one is a cookbook. He's had 4 TV shows; not a single one of them is a cooking show.

    And when people come back with "well, Emeril had his own sitcom too," my response is usually "yeah, but he was dumb enough to actually star in it."

    Bourdain is very opinionated, especially about his fellow celebrity chefs...however, when he broke bread with Emeril Lagasse in the New Orleans episode of No Reservations, it showed he's also willing to admit when he's wrong.

    Although the chances of him being wrong about Rocco are very slim.