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    • In 2015, Anthony won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series or Special in his work on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

    • In 2014, Anthony won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Culinary Program in his work on The Mind of a Chef and Outstanding Informational Series or Special in his work on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

    • In 2013, Anthony won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series or Special in his work on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

    • Anthony quit smoking after his daughter was born, but he swears he will always drink.

    • Anthony was a consultant on the Pixar animated film, Ratatouille, and considers it to be one of the best food films ever made.

    • In 2006, Anthony was named number 19 on the list of top 49 men of the year by He said, "While strangely uncomfortable with the term 'man's man' I am honored to be included."

    • Anthony has one daughter (born in April of 2007) named Arianne.

    • Kitchen Confidential spent 44 weeks on the Bestseller list and has been translated into 22 languages.

    • Anthony claims the two worst things he's ever eaten are fermented shark in Iceland and warthog rectum in Namibia. He also claims that the warthog was the only food that has caused him to see a doctor after eating it.

    • Anthony is six foot four inches tall.

    • Anthony will agree to try almost anything exotic, rare or disgusting that is put before him. However, he does draw the line at rats, he swears he will never eat a rat, and is happy that so far he has avoided eating a cat or dog.

    • Anthony would choose as his last meal: Fergus' Roast bone marrow with parsley salad, because it is a pure, luxurious, but undemanding food experience.

    • Anthony dedicated his most recent book The Nasty Bits to: Joey, Johnny, and Dee dee Ramone, of the punk group The Ramones. He is a fan of early New York punk bands, such as 'Television', and 'The Voidoids'. However, he considers The Ramones to be the most influential band of his generation.

    • Anthony's favorite contemporary chefs are: Thomas Kellar, Eric Ripert, & Gordon Ramsey.

    • Anthony is known for his public put-downs of other celebrity chefs, such as Rachel Ray; who is the butt of many jokes in his book No Reservations. He also frequently targeted Emeril Lagasse, calling him a "Shlockmeister with a catch phrase." However, on a recent trip to New Orleans (post Katrina), Tony made his peace with Emeril. The meeting was caught on camera for No Reservations.

    • Anthony is an unrepented smoker and drinker, and a former user of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and LSD.

    • The Fox Network produced a short-lived sitcom adaptation of his book Kitchen Confidential which aired in the fall of 2005. The character 'Jack Bourdain' was based loosely on the biography and persona of Anthony.

    • Anthony's ultimate dinner party would be held in the squalid back room of the Siberia Bar In New York City. The fantasy guest list would include: Graham Greene, Iggy Pop, Kim Philby, Louise Brooks, and Hede Massing. The menu would be: Beluga Caviar with fresh buckwheat blinis & garnishes, lobster bisque, scallop & white truffle risotto with crepes, pan roasted venison, stilton cheese, and gateau opera.

    • When Anthony tried a plate filled with crispy fried tree grubs, he likened them to a deep fried twinkie--only wormier.

    • Anthony has eaten a soft -boiled duck embryo. Surprisingly to him, the best part was the crunchy bits of beak & feather, while the albumen & yolk are less delightful.

    • Anthony won the 2002 Guild of Food Writers Award for food book of the year, for A Cooks Tour: In Search Of The Perfect Meal.

    • Anthony wrote an expose on New York restaurants titled Don't Eat Before Reading. It was published in the New Yorker in 1999.

    • Anthony has written two Crime novels: Bone In The Throat in 1995, and Gone Bamboo in 1997.

    • Anthony was the Executive Chef at Brasserie Les Halles. He now holds the title of Chef at Large.

    • Anthony is a contributing authority for Food Arts Magazine.

    • Anthony's work has appeared in: New York Times, Observer, Scotland on Sunday, Limb by Limb, Black Book, and The Independant.

    • Anthony has run the kitchens in: New York City Supper Club, One Fifth Avenue, & Sullivans..

    • Anthony has contributed to Don't Try This At Home outrageous true tales from the worlds greatest chefs.

    • Anthony Bourdain married his high school sweetheart, Nancy. They divorced in 2007. He remarried Ottavia Busia 11 days after the birth of their daughter.

    • Anthony Bourdain is a New York Yankees fan and is proud to be one.

  • Quotes

    • Anthony: I have, to date, endorsed no products, I have no line of merchandise not yet. You know, never say never. ... (But) I gotta wake up tomorrow, look at myself in the mirror. Life is good, do I really need to endorse cat food? No.

    • Anthony: My whole life, cooking has been about control. Traveling and eating are about letting things happen.

    • Anthony: (advice to vegetarians) Try bacon. It's the gateway protein.

    • Anthony: (about Rachael Ray) She's got a magazine, a TV empire, all these best-selling books - I'm guessing she's not hurting for money. She's hugely influential, particularly with children. And she's endorsing Dunkin' Donuts. It's like endorsing crack for kids.

    • Anthony: Is there a sharper commentary on American culture and the world than The Simpsons? Is there anything more relevant? I don't think so.

    • Anthony: (about "Top Chef") I'm a guest chef now and again because I'm a fan. It's fun. I like doing it. I like hanging out with Colicchio and the other guest judges. It's fun for me. It's like going to a really exciting ballgame. When I'm not on the show, I watch the show.

    • Anthony: You see the snail tracks of fast food ... from Tulsa to Tokyo. Wherever you see fast food, you see fat people.

    • Anthony: I was a rotten kid with a big vocabulary.

    • Anthony: (about how to run a kitchen) The fantastic mix of order and chaos demands a rigid hierarchy and a sacrosanct code of conduct, where punctuality, loyalty, teamwork and discipline are key to producing consistently good food.

    • Anthony: When you've been a chef for 28 years as I never really look at the world from any other perspective.

    • Anthony: Any interest outside the kitchen is a liability for a chef.

    • Anthony: I'm a very lucky cook-who-having put down an unexpectantly nice score-got to travel the world.

    • Anthony: Non-religious vegetarians scare me because the greatest sin is to have a lack of curiosity. To close yourself off from so many experiences, that's painful to think about.

    • Anthony: I don't collect recipes, I am not a food nerd!

    • Anthony: There is definitely an international chef's subculture. You can pick them out of a crowded room full of identically dressed people.