Anthony Brandon Wong

Anthony Brandon Wong


5/12/1965, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Anthony Wong
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Anthony Brandon Wong is well known Australia where he was born in 1965. His professional acting career began in 1988 and since then has appeared in over 30 television shows, movies and theater. In addition to acting, he is known for his comedic and singing skills. He drew…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Anthony voices character Ghost in the two video games Enter the Matrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo.

    • Anthony's hobbies include tennis, food, and writing which he does professionally.

    • Anthony's notable stage credits include:
      • Melbourne Theatre Company's Coup D'etat as the King of Malaysia
      • Sydney Theatre Company's The Floating Life • State Theatre Company of South Australia's The Swan
      • Urban Theatre Projects' Fast Cars and Tractor Engines in which he played several characters including a New Zealand-born Samoan heavyweight boxer, a sassy African schoolgirl and an Aboriginal hip hop artist.

    • Anthony has been nominated for Green Room Awards for his roles in the Louis Nowra plays The Temple where he played cocaine-addicted paraplegic merchant and for The Language of the Gods where he played a shaman.

    • Anthony primarily lives in Los Angeles, but he returns to Australia to teach and act.

    • As a singer, Anthony has appeared in the rock musical Rasputin, in the modern opera It's Got a Lovely Backyard and in many cabarets in Sydney.

    • Anthony is also an acting teacher and has taught at Actors Centre Australia, Australian Acting Academy in Brisbane, Screenwise, and The Performance Lab in Los Angeles.

    • Anthony won a Green Room Best Actor Award and was nominated for a Sydney Critics Circle Award for his role as a Filipino transvestite prostitute in the Playbox Theatre's production of Sex Diary of an Infidel.

    • Anthony is represented by RGM Associates in Australia and by Greene & Associates and Forster Delaney Management in the United States.

    • In 1986, Anthony graduated from the Macquarie Univeristy in Sydney, Australia where he majored in Political Science.

    • Anthony has appeared on the covers of Playstation 2 - Official Magazine UK (June 2003, Iss. 034, Games: Australia (May 2003, Vol. 1, Iss. 1), PC Gamer (March 2003, Vol. 10, Iss. 3) and Game Informer (December 2002, Vol. 1, Iss. 116).

    • Anthony has worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald newspapers as a journalist.

    • Anthony auditioned for the role of Tank in The Matrix, but lost out to Marcus Chong. He later landed a role in the series as Ghost.

    • Anthony is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

  • Quotes

    • Anthony: This is a big career jump for me. When I was in Los Angeles recently, it was The Matrix that got me in the door, not my 18 years' experience playing diverse roles.

    • Anthony:(About landing a role in "The Matrix Reloaded") I kept being told before I signed, "You have a pivotal role." And, because of the confidentiality agreement, they wouldn't let me see a script, which is pretty much the case with most of the actors. I took the job on complete faith because I love the Wachowski's work. I got to Alameda and I saw my scripts and I'd heard about a very low-key videogame that was going to be on the Internet. I didn't hear anything about any PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC thing, and then I saw this thing and I was like, "I'm one of the leads. My god, that's what they're talking about being pivotal," and that was the first I'd heard about it -- when I got to my hotel room after arriving in America, so it was quite a shock but it was a nice surprise, too.

    • Anthony:(About his character in "The Matrix Reloaded") I play Ghost. He's a Zen Buddhist assassin. He meditates and he's the best gun shooter in the whole Matrix universe, so he's a very interesting contradiction.

    • Anthony:(On how he prepared for "The Matrix Reloaded") I had to do accent training. I had to do a really, really strong American accent over a period of two years, so the whole time... (Adopts American accent) ..I had to drop my voice a little bit. And basically, Ghost didn't have a lot of emotion...It's funny now, but I'm sure it's not in the movie. I had to do gun training, and I got to train with a soldier. And I had to do... I did a little martial arts, but basically, I had stuntguys making me look good.