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Anthony Call

Anthony Call


8/31/1940, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Anthony D. Call


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Born in California, he became interested in acting at a young age as his father was Abner Biberman, and actor and director in the early 60's. The majority of his roles, as well as those of his father were primarily in television, more specifically sci-fi genres. He is…more


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  • In my wife's and mine opinion he has one of the most briliant voices in television.

    My wife and I quickly became avid watchers of A Haunting on the Discovery Channel. Quickly we grew accustom to the narrator's voice. We are now watching A Haunting and The FBI Files back to back as part of our daily TV viewing ritual. Anthony Call has a very remarkable voice. He is definitely a true talent on the Discovery Channel. The Haunting and The FBI Files are both blessed having his voice as the narrator. He was also in a classic episode of Star Trek, The Carbomite Maneuver. Of course he was a much younger man in that episode, but to my wife and me he still remains a star.moreless