Anthony Cumia

Anthony Cumia


4/26/1961, Long Island, NY, USA

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    • [On doing the walk over]
      Anthony Cumia: Being at both studios, there had to be a transition. Instead of just playing something, we decided that since it was so close, let's put some mics on and just walk. The walk doesn't feel like part of any show. We're just walking, observing, goofing on people, discussing what we see on the street, yet we are doing a show.

    • [On going back to terrestrial radio]
      Anthony Cumia: It was always our goal to go back on terrestrial radio in some way, shape or form. There was no way it was going to happen after we got fired. A lot of people were scared to touch us. We had the stigma of the shock jock that was going to get your license pulled. No one really got the show, even though we had done the show for years being completely FCC compliant.

    • [On if terrestrial radio is still important to him]
      Anthony Cumia: There are things terrestrial radio gives you that satellite doesn't, like people who don't like you. We love 'em. You don't get that with satellite. They're paying, so if they don't like you, they're not gonna listen. Terrestrial radio runs the gamut. You're get the most educated scholar or doctor, but you also get the dregs of society, drunk off their ass at 6 in the morning calling you up. That makes for entertaining radio.

    • [On the Olsen Twins]
      Anthony Cumia: Mary-Kate's the priss, and Ashley is the goer.