Anthony E. Zuiker

Anthony E. Zuiker


8/17/1968, Blue Island, Illinois, USA

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Anthony E. Zuker, Anthony Zuicker, Anthony Zuiker
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In only five years, Anthony Zuiker went from being a bellboy at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to creating and running C.S.I. -which drew critical acclaim and audience attention in its first season (2000-2001) and was the top-rated television series of the 2001-2002 season. C.S.I., which follows…more


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    • Anthony Zuiker: (On the possibility of a fourth CSI show) I think three's enough. We don't want to kill the golden goose, so to speak. I think we've pretty much run the gamut. 'CSI' Las Vegas, Miami and New York makes nice sense as a trilogy. I think another one wouldn't be the smartest thing to do."

    • Anthony Zuiker: As a kid, I invented several sports board games, and I thought I'd eventually become a big toy creator.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On CSI) We have stiff competition going up against "Law & Order". And there were a lot more science-oriented shows [when New York debuted]. When Miami first spun off, there was "CSI", "Crossing Jordan" and maybe "John Doe"--we still had sort of a monopoly on the [forensic science genre]. Now I think there's probably fifteen or twenty shows on the air so it's been difficult to establish a vision for the show, and its own identity.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On showrunners Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue ) When I came to Hollywood, I was asked to interview showrunners because I obviously wasn't going to run the show. So I wanted two showrunners, I liked Carol--she was from Chicago, too--and Carol hired Ann Donahue and most of the writers. So you had the new kid and two seasoned veterans, with a very talented cast and staff. I finally understand how difficult [running the show] must have been for them. It's ironic that we're all split up now. We call each other on the phone every once in a while. It's sad--we all miss being with each other. We've made each other's career.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On CSI and its spinoffs CSI:Miami and CSI: New York) The biggest challenge [of being a showrunner] was I didn't have any time to do what I did, which was create and write, it's a lot of managing--a lot of post time, and problems on the set, and hirings and firings, and trying to bring in new people where we were deficient in some key areas, like production. And I found myself not being in [the writers'] room, not doing as much writing. Then I made the mistake to take on too much, writing every script, which didn't help things either. I much like being a leader more than a boss. There's a good cop and a bad cop, and I like to think of myself as the good cop. So it's not only managing people in terms of running the show, but it's also to keep the vision in your head when everybody is telling you what the vision of the show should be.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On CSI vs. Law & Order) There's no such thing as competition, just good company. There's room for two successful shows in the same time period.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (About CSI New York) We want to keep moving in a direction that will take us away from the first two CSI shows. It's up to the writers and actors to determine where these characters go in the next few months. We're still feeling it out, but it's good to have the CSI name behind you going in. It's a nice starting point."

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On William Petersen supporting the CSI pilot:) The shoes I'm wearing, the car I drive, the house I live in ... I would not be where I am today if not for Billy Petersen.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On CSI: New York's character development) CSI: New York will be a much more character-driven type of show. It'll be a forensic, procedural drama. We'll open the characters up more. We'll be able to get to the bottom of these people much quicker.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On the game CSI: Senses:) I've loved games my entire life so you can just imagine how thrilled I was to be approached with an opportunity to combine a childhood passion with my biggest professional accomplishment. From the story lines to the immersive game play, I can easily say that CSI: Senses is poised to be one of the most unique game experiences ever created .

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On being the showrunner for CSI: New York) I'm at a growth spurt at the moment, at a point where, after four years, I really want to run my own show.

    • Anthony Zuiker: (On CSI) I look at it like drinking Coca-Cola. I just don't know, if you could flood the marketplace with various cola flavours, if you could knock off Coca-Cola. I think we are the gold standard for the crime drama. We've reinvented the genre in a very palatable way.