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  • One of my all time favorite actors, without a doubt in my top ten.

    I had to stop watching E.R. when they killed off Doctor Mark Greene. I really like Anthony Edwards, and even though his performance on E.R. was brilliant, there is another that is my favorite.
    I just love him in the movie Miracle Mile with Mare Winningham. They both gives great performances, especially Anthony Edwards. I also enjoy his performance in the television version of Capote's In cold blood.
    I haven't seen the Zodiac Killer movie that he is in yet, but I plan on it because it is directed by my favorite director David Fincher, so I am sure that it too will be awesome. I am always pleased with the performances that Anthony Edwards gives, even in Pet Cemetery 2 he gave it his all. Great actor, wish we saw more of him.
  • Anthony Edwards as Dr Mark Greene was amazing. We watched him influence the lives of all other characters around him and watched him grow in the affections in our hearts.

    I know I really felt the loss of Dr Mark Greene from ER in 2002. I sat and cried along with thousands of others around the world when the character slipped quietly into death. I cried with the same people when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and cried again watching Elizabeth (Alex Kingston) try and go on without him. Dr Greene was, to me, a hugely integral character in teh success of ER in the early seasons. He was mentor, best friend, lover, father, doctor extraordinaire. From looking after his ailing father to marrying Elizabeth, Dr Greene did it all on the show and the show was and is better for having had the character there at all.
    Keep the good ones coming!
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    When most people hear the name Anthony Edwards, they immediately think of him on television's wildly popular "E.R." However, Edwards got his start at a much younger age in such films as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Revenge of the Nerds." I thought he was better in these comedic roles, but he has proven that he can adapt his skills as he has aged.
  • Warm, Inviting, influential, humorous and often impacting man as Dr. Mark Greene, Mr Anthony Edwards was a great guy to become familiar with when the smash hit ER started.

    I am not the most technically familiar with a wide range of the films concerning Anthony Edwards, but frequenting "ER" upon it's earlier years, I feel that I came to know Mark Greene pretty well. he was such a good guy. Sensitive,strong, morally righteous, and ultimately the heart of the medical drama. Even now, as it has been four years since his tragic departure from the series, I still remember his character very fondly, and I enjoy watching re-runs, as they are a great means to reminise about the older days of the show, when he was a very big part of the show.
    I also enjoy other aspects of his career such as "The Sure Thing" and "Fast Times @ Ridhmont High", among others. I personally see him as this almost mystical figure, as he inspired so much goodness for me, and he made me laugh when such ER episodes as "A Shift In The Night" occured. The episode depicted his character going through a turn of unlucky events, and the way Edwards used his crat to show us the grief and the regret was bin a way that both made us laugh, and empathize with him. It was great then, and it is now. I only wish he did more work again. I see to recall his departure from ER having to do with a new daughter at the time. I wonder if he'll start work again, as in serious productions again. I certainly wish him the best, and I look forward to future projects with him taking part in.
  • good actor

    been a fan of his since Fast times at ridgemont high, and he was the main reason I watched ER from day one, still really enjoy the reruns with Dr Greene, Haven't seen in much since ER,only in a couple roles, miss him and would like to see more of him
  • Excellent Actor!

    I don't really like to review people but Anthony Edwards is a Excellent actor.
    I think he really made ER a success and I was so sad when he left. His final performance was one of the best I have ever seen on TV, so emotional.
    I also love the movies he has done and who could ever forget Goose from Top Gun?
  • he was good on the show and he be miss

    he was one of the best one one er i miss him but i still like er i cry when he left the showhe was a sweet guy one tv if he been a real dr. iwant him to take take care of me hewas good on the show and he his miss verey much i was sad when he left but it was time for him to move on right so good luck in what ever he doing now he will always be miss bye me i still like the show it still one of the most watch in my house
  • He had a place in the world and a place in our hearts. Who else could make such an impact on us all with a simple letter to his friends at County General?

    The character of Mark Greene was a wonderful fit for Anthony Edwards as he was the driving force behind the ER but the show was also built on his shoulders. His supporting cast was great but without this central role to bring the show along for many years it would have died not much farther beyond a first or second season. Anthony Edwards was not just a good actor but and exceptional actor that was extremely suited for the role given to him. He developed this bond with the viewers that transended over time to create real emotions upon his death. The episode of ER "On the Beach" brought me as close to tears as I have ever been in my life. The mastery of Anthony Edwards to perform not as an actor but as a person with a real life brought the Mark Greene beyond a once a week fix to a friend. He brought the character to life.