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  • Anthony is a sweetheart and I am happy that he chose to share his gift with us. I have personally met him and found him to be very endearing and approachable. I just wish America could see what I saw in the first few minutes he was on TV.

    Anthony is a class act and a true gentleman who really does love his fans. He is a very sweet young man who appears to be well grounded, and I am very happy to be able to support him in his dreams for his life. I love him to death. He has an innate ability to set people at ease around him, even those who are usually quite shy with new people. Although he does not carry the official title, Anthony is and always will be my American Idol. Considering the amount of happiness he has brought many just by being himself, I wish for him all the happiness in the world in his own life and career.
  • Best Idol Contestant!

    A shame he got fourth place on American Idol. I thought he would of atleast got 3rd. I mean, come on, the guy had a trachetomy (murdered that spelling) at the age of 4, and he gets up on stage and he comes with in a 1/4 chance of winning, and even a less chance of getting on Idol.

    I think he was the best contestant ever. He had throat surgery, he auditioned, and the judges thinks he's a really cool person. He also made the accomplishment of being the first person to audition for Idol born in another country. How cool is that? I'd be proud!

    Anthony rules!
  • Best Male Vocal on American Idol

    Anthony Federov is the best Male Vocal to come out of ' American Idol ' in it's first 5 seasons. I personally believe the only reason Anthony did not go further was the fact he was an immigrant and came from the former Soviet Union. I will not say Anthony was the best all-around singer during his season but he was by far the best male vocalist.
    Anthony should do well in this country and hopefully America will wake up and treat him fairly and give himt he credit his talent deserves. In my all-time list of American Idols, Anthony places in the Top 3, far ahead of talentless winners such as Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, and anyone from Season 5
  • liked this kid

    I really liked him, and would like to know how is doing, he had a really great voice especially considering he had a trach when he was younger, glad he lasted as long as he did.. hope he gets a recording contract and really makes it, seemed like a great kid
  • Anthony is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anthony is the hottest AI finalist this year. He is so hot IMO!!!! He seems like a great guy. He is very very talented. He is the true American Idol.He is a miracle in my eyes. He is an angel.He's going to be a big star. If he doesn't make it he'll always be a star in my eyes. I wish I was dating a guy like Anthony. I wish I knew Anthony but I don't. He is so hot. He loves his fans & Carrie *wink *wink* *haha* *haha*
  • Anthony Fedorov I would say is definately original. He has captured the hearts of many - young and not so young (I won't say old because he keeps us young at heart)women, men, and children.

    Anthony has a special soul that is caring, humbling, and appreciative. Anthony's dream is to share with the world his beautiful voice and give back to the fans that have supported him throughout his journey and to the many new fans he gains everyday by capturing their heart. Anthony is unique in that he is honest, goofy, smart, classy, and beautiful inside and out. He is my idea of an American Idol. I truely wish Anthony the best in whatever he wishes to pursue. I know that he will be a huge star and have many successes. Much Love
  • Anthony is an amazing talent and he showed so much potential during the idol competition. I hope he gets a record deal outside of American Idol. He is also Rumored to be dating American Idol 4 winner Carrie Underwood.

    Okay like I said above he is a natural born talent and Simon didn't see that which disapointed me. If Anthony releases a CD I will be going to buy it because he deserves to go far as a singer. I wish all the best for Anthony in his future and that he gets a record deal.
  • He's so Aswome!! I wish i could sing with him someday!! I wish him the best in his music.

    He\'s so great! I was a fan of his since the start.When it first start and their were in Hollywood if i couldn\'t watch it i\'m ask my mom the next day if the blond guy with glassess made it though and sure enough he always did. But when he got kick off i cried all night because i was such a huge fan of his. Now i just say i was lucky enough to hear his music. Anthony Fedorov will always be my American Idol and my Angel!!!
  • Amazing singer that was eliminated in season 4 of American Idol

    Anthony Federov has an amazing voice! It's amazing that he had a tracheotomy when he was little, perhaps it helped his singing talent! And he is definately a cutie! (Hint hint: He was the only reason I watched the show!) But sadly he was eliminated in Season Four of the hit show, American Idol where Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson are judges.
  • Anthony Fedorov is a wonderful performer!!! He is a great dancer and has an amazing voice! He is really sweet and has a heart of gold! I am proud to call him my favorite!!!

    Anthony Fedorov is a wonderful performer!!! He is a great dancer and has an amazing voice! He is really sweet and has a heart of gold! I am proud to call him my favorite!!!

    He has overcome so much to get to where he is today!!! He is very mannerly and loves and respects his family, friends, and fans.

    Anthony is gorgeous too!!! His eyes and smile are breathtaking and his arms and bootie are sooo sexy!!!

    Anthony is my Idol and always will be!!!
  • My favorite Idol, my favorite singer of all time!!

    Anthony will be an international star in no time!! He has all the talent and qualities to make it big. We at love you, Anthony!!! We look forward to watching you grow into what we know will be a very successful singer, entertaining us for a lifetime. God bless you!!
  • Anthony Fedorov is the best thing that has ever happend to me!!! He has really changed my life around! Just looking at his face I get tears in his eyes! The day he went home really was the saddest day of my life!!! That's why Anthony Fedorov is my hero!!!

    Anthony Vladimir Fedorov is the one and only American Idol and that is the way I feel about it!!!! Have any of the other contestant almost never be able to talk for the rest of their lives??? Well Anthony proved them wrong and was the best singer I've ever heard!!Anthony Fedorov is the best thing that has ever happend to me!!! He has really changed my life around! Just looking at his face I get tears in his eyes! The day he went home really was the saddest day of my life!!! That's why Anthony Fedorov is my hero!!!
  • Anthony!!

    I was an Anthony fan since the audition! Not only is his voice AMAZING, he is so cute! Something about his look is so hott. My friends and teachers think he looks like he can be my brother :S Whatever that means. Anyways, hope someone signs this guy to a record deal because I know ill buy it!
  • Hi everyone my name is Johanna and I'm Anthony's #1 fan!!!!! I can't wait to go see him in concert on July 24th!!!!! I hope I get to meet him!!! He has a fan site which is www. anthony fan club. com (w/out spaces) U guys r welcome here anytime!

    Anthony Fedorov's talent is phenomenal!!!!! He is the greatest!!!! He is so handsome!!!! He has everything ahead of him!!! I don't know if you guys remember when he sang 'I surrender' but I was blown away! He made me cry of joy! I thought to myslef, how could someone be so talented?!!!! Considering he had a tracheotomy when he was a child! Anthony is amazing!!!! I know he will go on and do great things!!!! I was devasted when he got voted of american idol, but in my heart he is already my idol!!!!
    From his # 1 fan: Johanna
  • I loved Anthony soo much. I was rooting for him when I first saw his auditions.

    I love Anthony. Who could hate him?! I mean I believed in him from the start! I know everyone called him the "Clay Aiken wannabe" and seen him as the next Clay Aiken but I seen him as just Anthony Fedorov. And when he and Scott got called into a group in one of the episodes of American idol(for elimanation) Scott thought right from the start "oh I'll be fine I won't be elimanated" but Anthony stood up and said "This isn't over for me yet." And I can tell why Carrie was so upset when Anthony got elimanated. I would have been just as upset. Anthony seems like such a sweet person and I hope he comes out with a cd because he deserves it!
  • Anthony is such a sweet and nice guy! I met him two weeks ago! He is from my hometown and he actually grew up in the apartments down the street from me!

    He is so nice an eager to sign autograps he was not like some of the celebrities that seem bothered to sign autographs. I liked that about him. He is from my hometown and I am so proud to be from his hometown. There are signs congratulating him around the town.
  • Anthony is amazing! He's an amazing singer and a great person! He is sweet, cute, and adorable and he loves his fans! He should have won American Idol!!!

    Anthony is soo sweet and should have won American Idol!