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    • Anthony had a tracheotomy at the age of four.

    • If he had won American Idol, Anthony says the people he would thank were his parents and his fans.

    • Always a good sport and a positive person, Anthony says that he feels the American Idol audition process is fair.

    • Anthony lists his hero as his family, since they are the ones that gave him life, and brought him to the United States, which eventually led to the opportunity to star on American Idol.

    • When asked if he carried good luck charms to help him win American Idol, Anthony said that he is not superstitious, and doesn't carry anything for luck.

    • Anthony says his favorite American Idol judge is Simon Cowell, "because he knows what he whats and won't settle for anything less."

    • If Anthony was not a singer, he says he would be a professional athlete.

    • Anthony's proudest moment in life is being a part of the American Idol competition.

    • Anthony's most embarrassing moment was getting the American Idol gold ticket, but tripping on the carpet on his way out!

    • Anthony lists his "American Idol" as his mom.

    • Anthony's life goals are to become a successful recording artist and to have a family. He wants to combine having both a successful relationship and career.

    • Before landing American Idol, Anthony had no formal singing training; he always sang for fun.

    • Anthony started to sing when was just six years old.

    • Anthony enjoys listening to Latin music.

    • On his stint on American Idol, Anthony sang the following songs:

      "I've Got You"

      "I Want To Know What Love Is"

      "Hold On To The Nights"

      "Climb Every Mountain"

      "Something About the way You Look Tonight"

      "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me"

      "Beaking Up Is Hard To Do"

      "When you tell me that you love me"
      "Don't take away the music"
      "If don't know me by now"
      "I'm already there"
      " Imcomplete"
      "Poison Ivy"
      "I Surrender"

    • Anthony auditioned for American Idol in Cleveland, Ohio.

    • Anthony says, "My definition of an American Idol is someone who is dedicated to what they do, someone who is real and true, and someone who affects all the lives he/she touches in a positive way. This does not only apply to music."

    • Anthony moved to the United States in 1994, from his native Russia.

    • Anthony is the first American Idol finalist to have been born in another country (Ukraine).

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