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  • Anthony Field is the blue wiggle on a show called "The Wiggles", to make a long story short.

    The Wiggle's show just wouldn't be the same without him. Anthony Field proudly takes the role of the blue wiggle. His bright blue eyes match his blue skivvy. He has such a positive attitude and is such a good guy. He's my favorite of the Wiggles. He always encourages children to eat healthy, especially his favorite, fruit salad! He has a brilliant, bright smile and great teeth. While many people view the Wiggles as gay they don't really look at the people beyond the colored skivvies. Anthony is one of four completely overlooked great guys. His silly TV personality in the popular children's show is easily overlooked. He is a great man who only wants to make children happy.
  • Anthony Rules!! he is Sexier then a LOT of the 20 something actors that teens go for and guss whet TEENS LOVE HIM!!!

    He is a Very talented Person! He is a blue wiggle and preduces ALL the cds!! he can play the bagpipes, tin whistle, guitar, drums, trumpet, violin,
    and didgeidoo. WOW!! he is soo awesome But I think the only time I did not like seaing him was during the Press confrence he looked SO SAD!! I Hated Waching that! he is now going on tour with sam, murray, and Jeff and I think he will make the wiggles work without Greg... Greg will ALWAYS be a wiggle but Anthony wants to make this work and he WILL make it work!!!
  • This Wiggle knows how to party. And he greeted us! That's worth a ten right there.

    Of all the Wiggles, Anthony definitely is the Wiggliest of the bunch. His voice range can extend fairly low, but his speaking occasionally sounds like he's under the weather in some of the episodes. But, he's definitely under the influence of something, call it coffee, herbs, or other pharmaceuticals. That's based on how he acts in such a youthful character, especially when he dances way different from the other folks in "Here Comes a Bear". About halfway through the TV seasons it seemed he really got his teeth bleached. From what I've seen of him at the concert, he looks and acts down-to-earth and exactly the same as on TV, with just a few more grey hairs. He'll go out of his way to extend greetings with the fans, in fact, Anthony gave a shout out to my little pup at a concert; that's an automatic ten. :)