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Anthony Field Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Anthony is the only Wiggle who has a bigger family as shown in the videos.

    • In 1981, Anthony released his own single: "Wild, Wild Women".

    • Because of injuries, Anthony was absent from Carols in the Domain group melody in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

    • Anthony used to play Wags the Dog in the early days. In the Wiggles' new generation DVD called "Taking Off!", he plays this character in the song "Everybody's Here".

    • Anthony stopped playing the drums after the "Wake Up Jeff!" video was released. However, in 2000, he played the drums again as shown in "It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World".

    • Anthony got his Diploma of Teaching from Macquarie University in 1990, specializing in Early Childhood Education.

    • Anthony was in the Australian Army from 1982 to 1985 where his roles included being in the infantry and also being a piper. He was part of the 5/7 Royal Australian Regiment and has served briefly in Germany doing border patrol.

    • When he turned 40, Anthony got two tattoo designs on his shoulders. He has a heart and the names of his wife Miki and his daughter Lucia on his right shoulder, and the Virgin of Guadalupe on the left shoulder. After the birth of his second and third child, he updated his tattoos with their names as well.

    • Of the seven kids in Anthony's family, Anthony is the youngest.

    • Anthony's dad, John Field, Sr. appears on "Yummy Yummy" 1994 video.

    • In June 2007, Anthony went public about his clinical depression, which he said had begun in his 20s.

    • Anthony was chosen as Cleo magazine's Bachelor of the Year in 1999.

    • Anthony's "thing" is eating, however, he admits to not being a fan of mangoes

    • Anthony's first instrument was the violin. He later played guitar and formed a band with his brothers in high school.

      Anthony can also play a variety of instruments including bagpipes, tin whistle, drums, trumpet, and the didgeridoo.

    • In early Wiggles videos, Anthony created and played the part of the Captain Feathersword

    • Anthony is a registered breeder of miniature fox terriers. He bought Pasqua and Fergus in 1997, and has featured them in the Wiggles videos. Pasqua is Italian for Easter which is when he bought the two.

    • Anthony has two brothers who are involved in the Wiggles family business: Paul Field and John Field.

    • Anthony announced the birth of his daughter Lucia on the Wiggles video, Santa's Rockin'.

  • Quotes

    • Anthony: (about The Cockroaches while on "Sounds")
      It would be that long. We've been playing every year and harbor in Australia.

    • Anthony: (the famous fan he's been most excited to meet) The most amazing star we met was Robert De Niro. He was really gentle and sat very intently watching us perform. At the same show was Jerry Seinfeld, who was such a down-to-earth guy. He said, 'I watch you guys all the time,' and I said, 'We watch you all the time!'

    • Anthony (how they choose children to appear on Wiggles shows): We have been filming videos for 15 years and so at first we used family. I am from a family of seven children with 20 grandchildren, so my brothers' and sisters' children have grown up on the videos. It's always best to use children who know each other and are comfortable in the TV environment. So it's largely been family and friends over the years!

    • Anthony (on working with the late Steve Irwin): Steve was such a fun guy to work with. We filmed Wiggly Safari up at Australia Zoo. He would wake up at about 3am and go surfing in Caloundra, and then come back to work at his zoo and start filming with us - he had so much energy! We filmed with his wife, Terri, and their daughter, Bindi, who were fantastic. He was always the same, full of life and so positive. We all miss him so much, but I know the wonderful conservation work he did will be continued by his family.

    • Anthony (on the friendship between The Wiggles & Steve Irwin): We were all mates. He was a big supporter of ours and we were a big supporter of his. When any of us had our children, he would send flowers and vice versa. I'm just a big admirer of him…and his courage. He did a lot and he stayed true to himself. I take my hat off to him.

    • Anthony (on the death of Steve Irwin): He was Mr. Enthusiasm; exactly like he was on TV. He was an honest, hard-working guy who loved his family loved wildlife, and he really was dedicated to bring love wildlife to children, to adults…to everybody.