Anthony George





1/29/1921 , Endicott, New York



Birth Name

Ottavio Gabriel George




Actor Anthony George was born Ottavio Gabriel George on January 29, 1921 in Endicott, New York. He was the second son of Italian immigrant parents. His interest in acting began at an early age. After serving a stint in the Army Air Corps during World War II, he left Endicott for California to pursue an acting career. His first role was in the play "Winterset" at the Laguna Playhouse. 20th Century Fox executives saw Tony in the play and signed him to a movie contract with Fox. He appeared in several movies including, "Where The Sidewalk Ends," "Love That Brute," and "You Never Can Tell" among others. After the movie contract ended, Tony turned up on television doing a stint on "Those Two" playing Vivian Blaine's boyfriend. After that job ended he continued to act on the various TV shows of the era including several episodes of "Sea Hunt," "77 Sunset Strip," and others. His nighttime TV career began to gel in 1960. First, he was cast as Robert Stack's second-in-command on "The Untouchables." His character of Cam Allison was killed off six months later. Then he was cast as the lead in "Checkmate," which ran from 1960 until 1962. After "Checkmates'" run, Tony toured extensively in various stage plays and musicals, most notably as Nicky Arnstein in the national company of "Funny Girl." In 1967, Tony joined the cast of the gothic soap opera, "Dark Shadows" as Burke Devlin. He then played the character of Jeremiah Collins during the 1795 flashback storyline. After leaving "Dark Shadows," he continued with stage work. In April 1970, he joined the cast of TV's then longest-running soap opera, "Search for Tomorrow." He was cast as Dr. Tony Vincente, a brilliant neurosurgeon brought in to operate on the main character of Joanne "Jo" Tate (played by Mary Stuart). Tony had originally agreed to do Search for six months, but stayed on to master the difficult medium of soap opera acting. His character of Tony Vincente was paired romantically with Joanne Tate, the heroine. Tony and Jo became one of the most popular couples on daytime television during the 1970's. Tony and Jo were a supercouple before the phrase was coined. Tony, along with co-star Mary Stuart were consistently in the top ten of every soap opera magazine poll during the time they dominated the SFT storylines. In 1974, Tony, unhappy with the storyline and behind the scenes politics decided to quit Search, but did not leave until 1975. His character of Tony Vincente died of a heart attack in his wife Joanne's arms in mid-June, 1975. Tony then returned to California to take another crack at primetime TV and movies. He did guest shots on "Wonder Woman" and "Police Woman" during this time. In August 1977, he joined the cast of another soap opera, "One Life To Live" as psychiatrist Will Vernon. Tony stayed in the role of Will until October, 1984. Ironically, he did not have the same success with OLTL as he did with SFT, where he was the popular romantic lead. After his stint with OLTL ended, he returned to California. Tony did a guest shot in 1988 on "Simon and Simon" which starred former OLTL castmate Jameson Parker. Tony retired from acting soon after and continued to live happily in the Los Angeles, CA area. Anthony George died on Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at the age of 84 of complications from emphysema. He was cremated.