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Anthony 'A.J.' Johnson, AJ Johnson, A.J. Johnson
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    • Anthony: It means a lot. This gives us a lot of confidence. If you lose the first game it's like you are fighting from behind the whole series. We wanted to get a leg up on them, put the pressure of being behind on those guys.

    • Anthony: This is what you think about as a kid in the backyard, hitting big shots to win big games. We're a resilient bunch. We played a hard fought game and got a much needed victory.

    • Anthony: Everyone wants to label guys, label me as a backup point guard, a guy that can't get it done. Those are the opportunities where you have to step up and make it happen.

    • Anthony: After backing him up for two years I know him pretty well. I feel pretty good about my success against him the last two years, but now it's the playoffs.

    • Anthony: We saw Milwaukee lost last night, so we knew we had to come in and take care of our business. We wanted to avoid Detroit. They've shown what type of team they are.

    • Anthony: We're relishing the opportunity to right some wrongs from the regular season. If we do well in the playoffs, all is forgiven. We feel good about what we bring to the table. All talk is out the window and it's time to play.

    • Anthony: That made a big difference. They come out there, starting it up, and everyone else picks it up.

    • Anthony: It felt good when it left my hands. I held up my hand and thought it was the bottom of the net. But tonight all of my shots ended up a little short.

    • Anthony: He threw me a perfect pass. It felt good. I thought it was bottom of the net, but it ended up short.

    • Anthony: We had just lost eight of nine, or something like that, and now we've won three in a row. It's important to go into the playoffs with momentum. We're feeling good about ourselves. It's important for us to finish these three games out playing well so when the playoffs come, we do have some momentum and we're ready to play.

    • Anthony: We were teetering on not putting those guys away but we were able to put together some stops there in the second half.

    • Anthony: A lot of people look at the glass as half empty. It's half full. We're playing with great intensity. We've just got to keep it going.

    • Anthony: We were playing for each other. That's something we haven't done in a while.

    • Anthony: Definitely, a streak of two wins is better than the streak of losses that we had. We must work on our defense and keep playing together and looking for the open person. When we play like this, we're going to win ball games.

    • Anthony: I was guarding Tony Allen, who was kind of indecisive about where to go on the play. With it being a three point game, I knew Paul was going to be aggressive. (Stephen) Jack(son) did a good job riding him and I was able to stick my hand in for the steal.

    • Anthony: It's good to put two together. Our defense wasn't up to par, but at the same time, we shared the ball and made timely baskets. It was a much needed win.

    • Anthony: It was a broken play. When it's a broken play, you've just got to do your 1-on-1 thing.

    • Anthony: Each night we get a sigh of relief as far as other teams losing that are around us. Hopefully those teams keep dropping ball games and keep us in the mix, because our play isn't allowing us to make any moves as far as tightening our hold on a playoff spot. You have to consistently put together some ball games. Well, not even ball games. We have to put together the next ball game and get a win.

    • Anthony: I knew it was coming my way, and I just waited on it.

    • Anthony: You can go down their roster; all those guys are able to put the ball in the basket. Jamal Crawford in the past has been able to put up big numbers against us. Nate Robinson, Jalen Rose, you can go on and on.

    • Anthony: It's not much fun losing, especially five in a row. I thought we played with more confidence, and our defensive pressure helped our offense. ... We were just trying to be more aggressive.

    • Anthony: We haven't had much success against losing ball clubs, and being on a five-game losing streak, it feels good to finally get a game in the win column.

    • Anthony: We were in control of the game. We started the fourth quarter pretty well, but for whatever reason as a team we fell apart. Our aggressiveness wasn't where it needed to be.

    • Anthony: I'm not sure if it's the records or not being able to finish ballgames, whenever we're playing teams that don't have good records we play well for three quarters, but we don't close them out down the stretch.

    • Anthony: He lets you know how he wants it done and he expects you to do it that way. If you improvise, you better get a basket or a hell of a play because if things don't work out, he's going to let you know about it.

    • Anthony: We feel very good about our chances of making the playoffs. I really don't think that's a concern in this locker room. It is a concern that we are playing well going into the playoffs. We don't want to stagger in and barely make it.

    • Anthony: It starts on defense for us. Whenever we're getting stops like we were in the second half, we were able to run and get things in transition. If you're constantly taking the ball out of the basket, it makes things difficult. It makes it difficult to run. As long we're able to defend we'll be fine

    • Anthony: I don't think anybody in this locker room expected to be one game under .500 at this point. I don't think anybody expected to be one game under any time this season. We can talk about it, but now it's time to just show up and play ball.

    • Anthony: They make you play their tempo. If you don't make shots, they can dominate you. We would put up a string of baskets and you look up at the board and you're still down by 12.

    • Anthony: For whatever reason we play well against teams with the better records and don't play well against the lottery teams. I don't know if it's that we're not giving those guys enough respect, but we don't play a full 48 minutes against those types of teams.

    • Anthony: We've had the lead at halftime, but then come the third and fourth quarter, we just get away from what has made us successful. Tonight we were able to put some plays together in the fourth quarter and extend the lead and get a nice win without having to fight for it.

    • Anthony: Whenever we're playing teams that don't have good records, we play well for three quarters, but we don't close them out down the stretch.

    • Anthony: They hit a big 3 and we went down five and never got back in it.

    • Anthony: I watch (NBA) games on a nightly basis and watching Toronto, they are a very good ball club. Their record (21-41) doesn't indicate how good they are. Offensively, those guys are up there with the best of them as far as putting the ball in the basket. You have to respect that.

    • Anthony: We've got to do a better job of getting him on the move and coming off screens. Tonight he showed us that he can get the job done coming off screens. So from now on, when the game's on the line those are the play calls that we're going to make and hopefully he can take us home.

    • Anthony: The first three spots are pretty much out of your hands. It's pretty much keep your eyes out on four through eight and you just have to take care of your own business. Right now, it's still a ways away and we just have to take it one game a time.

    • Anthony: It was a great win for us. That's the type of game that had been going against us this year.

    • Anthony: We had them on the ropes and on their heels once we got up by 12. You could tell they were a little shaken. All we had to do was play tough for another three, four minutes and things would have probably swayed our way.

    • Anthony: Everybody stepped up and played.

    • Anthony: When you're on the road, you have to focus on the task at hand. You can't worry about the crowd and you can't worry about the referees or anything that's going on besides what's between the lines.

    • Anthony: I don't know what it is. For whatever reason, they find ways to beat us. They're just a very athletic team. I'm not quite sure if there's another team in the NBA as athletic as those guys. They're all 6-8 and they all block shots, they all rebound, they all get out on the break, they all handle the ball, they all make shots. You have to give those guys credit.

    • Anthony: I feel my offensive game is coming around, and I'm trying to be more productive.

    • Anthony: Once they cut the lead to 91-90, it was time for somebody to step up and make some plays. Guys were finding me in some good spots and I was able to knock down shots that helped us win the game.

    • Anthony: All that brawl stuff and playing the Pistons, everything that went on last year, we've kind of shut the door on that as far as the organization, as far as the team, as far as individuals.

    • Anthony: We know where we're sitting. We're right in the thick of things in the conference. Any type of setback can cause us to fall pretty quick. We're floating right around the .500 mark and we don't like that. It's a matter of us taking care of our business and not take any team lightly.

    • Anthony: When you see (Detroit) on the schedule, you kind of circle those dates because our fans and their fans really pay attention to this game. There was a lot of excitement out there.

    • Anthony: We know now we can't take any team for granted. The energy level wasn't where it needed to be against those teams earlier. They would come out and play hard, and we had a tendency of putting ourselves in a hole and found out we couldn't just turn it on. . . . Due to the fact that we're short-handed, it's definitely going to take a full game for us to come out with victories.

    • Anthony: We'll have our hands full offensively and defensively. We need to get it going as soon as possible. We're at .500 now; we need to get back some of those games.

    • Anthony: It feels good to have that monkey off our back. It's a joyous locker room.

    • Anthony: We're learning to take something good out of everything bad. After the Highland loss we realized that we have to play a full 32.

    • Anthony: And when I stop at the store at night, here I am a pastor and a community leader, people look at me like I might be a threat.

    • Anthony: It's out of our individual control. There's no need to worry about what you can't control, although it is human nature.

    • Anthony: We're going to see a lot of activity from Office Depot; Bed, Bath & Beyond; and a couple of others that are a little tentative right now.

    • Anthony: I talk to David all the time. I've been in every seat on the bench. I just told him it's a long season and he's going to get his opportunity to play. It seems like with the Pacers, we always seem to have a lot of injuries. Guys are going to get an opportunity, and when it comes, you have to take advantage of it.

    • Anthony: Being shorthanded, we still have to come out and play but we let it get away from us. Being down 17, we dug ourselves too deep of a hole.

    • Anthony: The lane was wide open. If we weren't making 3s, we were just putting our head down and driving to the basket and getting fouled. Beating those guys at their own game felt good.

    • Anthony: I didn't want to change my commitment. Once I told them I only wanted to go to (MSU), that was it.

    • Anthony: We've been playing at a great tempo. It's always fun when you're scoring points. Winning ballgames and scoring a lot of points makes it fun.

    • Anthony: We've been playing at a great tempo. It's always fun when you're scoring points. Winning ballgames and scoring a lot of points makes it fun.

    • Anthony: I think in the first half, for whatever reason, our energy level, our intensity, is not where it needs to be. In the second half we were able to pick it up and play at a very high level. Why we can't do that the entire game is unexplainable.

    • Anthony: With us already being short-handed, we make it difficult on ourselves. It's whack because we're spotting teams double-digit leads. Even though we're short-handed, we're good enough to compete with these teams. But when you spot them leads, it makes it hard.

    • Anthony: Recycle Rutherford can only do so much. They've made a big dent, but they need our help, and they need every county resident's help.

    • Anthony: Maybe so. Because without Jermaine, we become a perimeter-oriented team. We rely on Stephen Jackson to get us going. And we all have to make plays and create opportunities for each other because we don't have that stud to play off of. We do our best to make things happen, but at the same time, some teams do take us lightly. Some nights, we do take advantage of it.

    • Anthony: After losing this one, we're a little down, definitely disappointed. At the same time, the games keep coming. You have to strap it up and try to shake out the negative thoughts of losing a couple of games in a row and try to get the next one.

    • Anthony: I don't know what to say. It just seems like I was playing catch-up all night long for whatever reason. Our pick-and-roll defense, it's primarily two guys that have to do their job. It takes five guys to play good solid team defense. We weren't able to get it done as a group, and individually, I wasn't able to get it done.

    • Anthony: We're kind of in a funk right now for whatever reason. We're just not jelling and our chemistry is not there.

    • Anthony: Guys couldn't make shots and we weren't able to get into a flow. We let this one get away and it's very disappointing with two tough road games coming up.

    • Anthony: I'll get a chance to come in, learn the plays, and get ready. That way, if I don't play, it's on me. No one else.

    • Anthony: Tonight was my opportunity to get extended minutes. I felt I showed that I deserve minutes.

    • Anthony: Which in far as they are concerned is a brand new concept. There is no concept about woman minding man, this is something new for us in Jamaica. What we are asking for is a greater participation of the citizens through civil society and individually to have their inputs made.

    • Anthony: The member is suggesting that the public will have an opportunity - which really is the issue. Could you advise us what mechanism you propose to adopt to get the views of the public?

    • Anthony: You see the trash on the road every day, things like McDonald's bags, ... It's because of ignorance, people, near-sightedness and ignorance. It's a serious problem. It's going to cost money to solve, and it's going to cost more the longer we wait.

    • Anthony: We never had foul trouble in the regular season. Game 3, it was officially a little differently. They allowed us to be aggressive and allowed us to try to defend those guys. We did a pretty good job. (Saturday) it was a different story. Kind of like Game 2. At the same time, we have to find a way. There's no need to make excuses.

    • Anthony: We did a pretty good job of battling back. This team has been resilient all year long and we will continue to fight and play hard no matter who we have. We gave great effort but morale victories don't help you as far as putting points on the board. We came out on the short end and now our backs are against the wall.

    • Anthony: We didn't give ourselves a chance with those turnovers. Instead of being patient, I got myself into trouble. I got too deep trying to make plays that weren't there.

    • Anthony: It's exciting. There's a time you either step up your play and help your team win, or you go home crying like a little baby.

    • Anthony: I've had pretty good success against J. The times that I have been able to get him off-balance, I've been able to get by him. J is still a great defender. But if my number is called, I have no trouble stepping up to the challenge.

    • Anthony: He wanted to go out and show the NBA people and everybody that [the Nets] couldn't stop him without hanging all over him. He was basically unstoppable.

    • Anthony: J.O. had a great game going, They decided to double him, that allowed me to go free.

    • Anthony: I think after the season we've been through and us being inconsistent, it's time to turn that around and the playoffs are the perfect time to do that. We haven't played well on the road. Game 1 we played well enough to win. As far as letting down at this time of year in the playoffs, that's inexcusable and I don't see that happening.

    • Anthony: I think after the season we've been through and us being inconsistent, it's time to turn that around and the playoffs are the perfect time to do that. We haven't played well on the road. Game 1 we played well enough to win. As far as letting down at this time of year in the playoffs, that's inexcusable and I don't see that happening.

    • Anthony: I think after the season we've been through and us being inconsistent, it's time to turn that around and the playoffs are the perfect time to do that. We haven't played well on the road. Game 1 we played well enough to win. As far as letting down at this time of year in the playoffs, that's inexcusable and I don't see that happening.

    • Anthony: (Luca) wasn't that sharp, especially after he got the wind knocked out of him. We were able to get into their bullpen, which is really important in the third.

    • Anthony: A lot of people always knock me not being able to pull my team together and lead my team to big wins. I kind of take offense to that. Cream always rises to the top.

    • Anthony: I wouldn't sit here and say I'm a betting man and I would bet that I'd get around 'J' every time. But I had him off-balance a little bit and it worked out well.

    • Anthony: It was great to come in here and get Game 1. I was a little bit moved because I'm so close to those guys in that locker room, the organization and the people that work in the front office. I still keep in touch with them, but tonight I was trying to make a play. The refs called a foul and I was able to make some big free throws.

    • Anthony: Sometimes it's best to sit still, ... Seeking a trade wasn't something I pursued and I don't care to pursue. I'm here and this has been home the last two years.

    • Anthony: You still on the joint select committee business?

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