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  • Great actor.

    Can't understand why he is not as big as someone like Robert .
  • I love Anthony LaPaglia. He is so handsome and very polite and a all around hotty for sure. I love watching him on TV and would really like to meet him in real life.

    Anthony LaPaglia is a great actor and he needs to explore his possibilitys and be in more shows or movies cause he is handsome and so easy on the eyes that he would be great in all movies. He also has the skills to do any kind of movie. He can make you watch a movie if he is stared in it cause he can face all aspects of a roll in any situation that arises. He is a all around good actor and asset to the world of actors . Good job Anthony I will follow you in any movie or show you decide to make or do. Good job.
  • Anthony LaPaglia is an amazing actor, but sadly is not recognized as one in Hollywood.

    I first noticed Anthony LaPaglia on the hit show Without a Trace. Without a Trace is one of the greater drama series out there. He is so versatile, having a reccuring role on Fraiser, which is a comedy show to playing one of the main stars on a drama series. Anthony LaPaglia's acting skills are superb and he does a great job bringing new things to the table on Without a Trace. Even though he is so talented, he is not really recognized as a major star in Hollywood, which in my opinion is nonsense. Watch the shows he's been on, especially Without a Trace. You'll see how talented he is. He's portrayed so many different emotions and was able to go to some many places during a single episode.
  • Anthony is so awsome and handsome, but he's so underused in Hollywood and on television.

    Where should I start? Oh, yes, Anthony has to be the most goreous thing I've seen since I started watching movies, all of his movies are spectacular. So I married an Axe Murder has to be one of my all time favorites, his charecter was so funny! I am very surprised that he does not get more parts in movies, he would of been great in The Godfather............ Well, I think I will just come out and say it, he kind of does look like a hitman for the 1950's Italian mob, but who cares?! Anthony does great playing Jack in Without a Trace, please god win an Emmy!
    We all owe it to Anthony!
  • LaPaglia is often overlooked or not held in as high regard as he should be in Hollywood. A man with so much talent and grace that comes effortlessly is the reason why he is one of the greats in movies and television.

    Australian born Anthony LaPaglia is often overlooked by fame. Hollywood does not consider him to be one of the greatest television actors out there right now, even though it is a much deserved title. Although he has a few Emmys under his belt, he's often shoved aside to make way for more prominent television stars like Kiefer Sutherland and Patrick Dempsey. I would suggest anyone who is questioning his range of acting ability to watch the indie movie "Winter Solstice" and then Without A Trace's season one episode "Suspect." I promise you will not be let down, this man graces the screen and contributes so much to both the project and his co-actors. Part of the reason I watch the show "Without A Trace" is to see his talents in action, and his rugged good looks help a bit as well:)LaPaglia deserves more credit and reward for his talent and abilities that have been demonstrated in all of his work.
  • Anthony Lapaglia is one of the most talented, handsome, underappreciated actors on TV.

    I first saw ALP on Without a Trace and was blown away by his talent and his sexy good looks. Although he has won a couple Emmy's he is still not seen as a major star, and he should be. He has more talent then half the A-listers. He co-owns an Australian soccer team, which is playing extremely well. We should be seeing more ALP on TV, magazines, the internet, newspapers and award shows. How could Hollywood not honor one of its best? ALP fans are loyal and totally committed to this great actor. We know what Hollywood won't see.