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    • Anthony: (When asked if he thinks he could work an actual missing person's case.) Absolutely not. I'm the last person...I can't find my car keys in the morning. Trying to get out of my house is a nightmare. "Where's my wallet? Where are my keys? I have to go find a missing person."

    • Anthony: (On Without a Trace) It's hard to come up with interesting stories that you can't second-guess every week. It's a really tough job, to do it in an intelligent way. As an actor, you always want more character-driven stuff. No matter how much they give you, you still want more. I've always felt like the formula for the show is 10 to 15 percent personal and the rest procedural.

    • Anthony: (on the role in "Bullets Over Broadway") It was down to Chazz Palminteri and myself for Bullets Over Broadway. Chazz is a good friend of mine, and I'm glad he got the role. If not me, I'm glad it was him!

    • Anthony: I like the Baldwin boys a great deal. Alec is super-smart, super-articulate, almost too smart to be an actor.

    • Anthony: A lot of people think I'm that guy in Betsy's Wedding, but I'm not. What it is for me is that, on some level, I connect with the character emotionally.

    • Anthony: The whole question of God and what God is, and whether it's a blond guy with a beard, I don't know... I don't know that. Do I believe that there's something greater at work than the sum of humanity? Yeah, I think so.

    • Anthony: Steve Martin is one of the most intelligent, well-read human beings that I've ever come across. He is equally as funny off screen as he is on. But he also has a very intellectual side, and he's a really nice human being. We actually become good friends.

    • Anthony: We do have a fish named Shallowy. My daughter named it. She's three!