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  • I love your movies,shows,and music. I watch the dead zone dvds all the time. I watch your music video Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors over and over. Did not know you were a musician until I saw the video. You are a man of many great talents.

    I saw you on CSI:Miami,you were great. You are a very versitle actor and that make you a very good actor. I'm looking forward to seeing you a lot more in the near future. I hope I see a lot more music videos,too. My friend heard your video and he loves it. I played it on my laptop for him.Please forgive me, but I did not recogize you in the Edward Scissorhand movie. Your body likes great now,too. I do wish you all the best with future projects that you have coming out. Remember,laughter is good for the your soul.
  • 80's marked a great time with teen movies as Anthony Michael Hall graced the screen.

    80's marked a great time with teen movies as Anthony Michael Hall graced the screen. Sixteen Candles is an all time favourite of mine. He has played many supporting roles amazingly in a range of movies and shows. In the John Hughes movies (Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles) Anthony played the "geek" and played it amazingly. He always seemed to be the "cool" geek. He is very talented and in my opinion, underrated. He is a natural born actor. His performances are fantastic and I look forward to seeing what he comes out with next as his career is not over yet.
  • michael, I\\\\\\\'ve always enjoyed your acting on \\\\\\\"The Dead Zone\\\\\\\". I\\\\\\\'m hoping that after you complete this acting assignment more offers will come your way. Sincerely, Christine Baptista King

    I have seen all \\\\\\\"Dead Zone\\\\\\\" shows. This is a series worthy of great reviews. Also, a favorite of mine is \\\\\\\"Dexter\\\\\\\".

    Hoping and praying that: Michael Hall and Michael C. Hall
    have long and prosperous careers.
    Christine Baptista King
    PS. Review must be 100 words before I can submit. Hmmmm?
    There are so many good things to say about Michael Hall.
    He started at a very young age....performing...and, has grown to be a very caring young man, whom, I find a joy
    to watch. I am a published poet. Also, writing a short story for possible screen attention. It is with knowledge of writing that I am able to give an opinion of upcoming actors.
    Stay abreast of all offers that may come your way, Michael.
    And, always....choose the best offers. Be it televison or the big have much to offer. You are extremely talented. Always let yourself be seen and heard as often as possible.
  • Revived his career!

    Glad that he revived his sagging career with the Dead
    Zone playing Johnny Smith, the physic who was in a coma
    For six years and now life has changed for him
    Anthony has gone through drugs & alcohol rehabilitation
    But also he has since made us forget the dorky nerd that he once played on 16 Candles and the Breakfast Club!
    Great actor and hope to see him much more when TDZ ends!
  • Saw Dead Zone for the first time

    I never realized the diversity of this actor until seeing him in The Dead Zone. He is a ery impressive actor. In roles ranging from National Lampoon\'s Vacation to Weird Science and now The Dead Zone, he is deinitely a well-rounded actor. I am hooked on this show now and I hope to see it again.
  • This is a man I love watching. Intelligent, great actor whom I'd like to see more of. He does an exceptional job on Dead Zone and is quite versatile. Handsome, charismatic, and seemingly down-to-earth.

    Since Anthony Michael Hall was young and performing a lot in the 80s, I've enjoyed the geeky and sometimes quirky characters he's portrayed. He was funny in The Breakfast Club and it was surprising to see him on Dead Zone by comparison. He's grown into a charming, mature and good looking man with very little similarity to his teenage years. I was stunned and impressed by his appearance as well as his performance in Dead Zone. He carries himself so well.

    I do believe he should be in more movies and hope that eventually he will be on the big screen again. I appreciate his talent and think he is definitely underrated. He has so much versatility and has come such a long way. I sincerely hope we'll keep seeing more and more of him. An all-time great actor, I think he's amazing.
  • It is difficult to say into words how much I enjoy watching this man act.

    I have loved watching this man act for the greater part of my life. At 31, I grew up watching all the John Hughes movies: Breakfast Club, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles. I have endured the painful experience of Johnny B Good, giggled at old Saturday night reruns and cracked up while he was the brute in Edward Sissorhands. When I heard about the Dead Zone, I laughed. How could Farmer Ted be in a serious AND funny role? How could I possibly take him or the show seriously? Now, I watch this 38 year old man acting with a passion that few can emulate. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that obviously loves his work. And it shows. I am now considering buying the series on DVD. The Dead Zone is beautifully written, directed and acted. If you doubt the talent of Michael Hall (Anthony being his middle name), watch this show. As a comical note, he truely is, the geek in high school that grew up to be handsome and successful. The Dead Zone and specifically Mr Hall deserves more attention than it and he recieves. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.
  • Glad he has the visions and not me

    Anthony Michael Hall came into view as a child star. I liked him most in The Breakfast Club. I now catch Anthony on Sunday’s in the USA Network’s smash hit The Dead Zone. Anthony plays our favorite psychic Johnny.

    The show focuses on Johnny’s ability to see the past, present, and future. Johnny’s Dead Zone what activated during his coma, following a car accident.

    Over all I think Anthony Michael Hall has done a wonderful job of maintaining his career. Unfortunately most child stars, are just that, child stars and nothing more. I am glad Anthony did not fall into this category!