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  • great actor, singer, and also a great person. Amazing in every way.

    I met Anthony Rapp at my high school a little while ago where he came to talk to us and help us a bit with our production of RENT. When listening to him speak it is easy to tell how much down to earth he is and how much he knows what hes talking about. Most of the time when hearing actors speak and especially when hearing singers speak they seem to only be quoting what they have heard in the past and not really understanding it themselves, but Anthony Rapp was different, everything he said from giving suggestions on our production to talking about his own life, it all seemed to come from the heart.
  • Anthony Rapp is a lovely actor. He has starred in Broadway plays such as RENT (as Mark Cohen) and You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (as Charlie Brown).

    My favortie thing that he was in (and the only thing I saw him in) is RENT. I totally adore this movie. I watched it once, then when I went to the mall the day after, I bought it (and for only $9, too). Since then, I have watched it 68 times and I am going to go and see it at the Palace Theatre. So anyways, back to Anthony. He is the most hilarious, awesome, blonde person that I have ever seen in my entire life. I love his beautiful blonde hair and his pretty glasses. Did you know that he's bisexual? I do. At the point in time that I'm writing this review, he had a boyfriend. I love Anthony.
  • Anthony is an amazingly talented singer and actor.

    Anthony Rapp is so talented. He's an amazing actor and he puts so much into it. In RENT during the songs La Vie Boheme and Tango:Moreen, he blew me away with his performance. He really brought the character alive. I haven't seen him in anything else but i hope to.
  • What a talented man.

    Anthony Rapp is responsible for creating the role of Mark Cohen in the rock opera Rent. He was with the musical since it's days in the NYTW. Anthony has released a solo album entitled Look Around. He's now got a band called Albinokid, and is still loking for work on Broadway.
  • An amazing actor, singer, and who knew - author! An all around great guy and rolemodel.

    Anthony Rapp is a man of many talents. For one thing, he can act and sing extremly well. He has appeared in countless movies (Dazed and Confused, Adventures in Babysitting, and RENT, just to name a few) and manages to do an amazing job every time no matter what the role is. His CD "Look Around" is a blend of pop and rock that his voice is perfectly suited to and the lyrics are really thought provoking. He originated the role of Mark in RENT and was the only cast member who went from the beginning workshops back in 1993-1994 to the movie in 2005. He is so fully Mark than any other actor who plays him just doesnt seem right. Anthony's book, Without You, came out the February. It is a very sad story, had me in hysterics, and its just so raw. Anthony is so open about who he is (he has been openly gay since the early 90s and sees himself as someone young people struggling with their sexuality can turn to) that he is just an amazing role model.