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Anthony Simcoe

Anthony Simcoe


6/30/1969, Australia

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Anthony Simcoe


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Simcoe is best known for his role as Ka D'Argo in the science fiction show Farscape.


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    • Anthony Simcoe: (On Directing for Farscape) The way that Farscape works, it would be impossible for one of the cast members to direct an episode. There's two units running at any one time, an A unit and a B unit and so that means that we're shooting more than one episode at a time. Any time you may think we have some down time, we don't. If we're not shooting on A unit we're shooting on B unit. If we're not shooting on A and B unit we're doing ADR (Additional Dialogue Replacement). Shooting an episode of Farscape, because it really is such a big, involved and detailed show, takes so much pre-production, not only in terms of negotiating sets and costumes and guest sets but also negotiating the shots with the CGI house and the CGI people. Then you've got to shoot it and edit it and then you're got to re-meet with all the CGI people. It's a really long process to direct an episode of Farscape, so if you think about taking a cast member out and putting them inside that process you realise it's an absolutely impossible thing to do.

    • Anthony Simcoe: My approach to D'Argo has changed considerably, mainly due to the physical freedom that I've now got from the make-up. Initially, I really couldn't move within the suit, it was such a physically constraining piece of equipment. I couldn't turn my head. The real joke on set was that whenever D'Argo had to fight he had to reach back and grab his sword, and I could not grab my sword. It was physically impossible and it would drive me insane. Every time I had to do this we had to cut or find some weird way or some props guy would have to stand behind me and poke the end of my sword forward so that I'd be able to reach back far enough to actually grab my sword out. I can now concentrate much more fully on the things I should be concentrating on, my relationships with the other characters and the emotional and psychological arc of the character. I don't have to worry so much about the physical preparation.