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  • New Show for Anthony!

    It was so fantastic to hear that Anthony will be on a new series; he has been sorely underutilized. Having him play a father to a gymnast on "Perfect 10" is a terrific idea; it could lead to so many dramatic moments which Mr. Starke is so good with or have a lighthearted funny story line that shows off Mr. Starke's great comedic skills. This is really something to look forward to and I certainly hope that ABC Family will realize what a gifted actor he is and continue to broadcast him. I'm looking forward to this role and many more in the future!
  • Anthony Starke is an incredible actor!

    I think Anthony Starke is a brilliant actor & have been a big fan since seeing him as Ezra in The Magnificent Seven! He's just incredible in that show! He's always really fantastic in everything,so funny & lovely,an extremely likeable & talented actor.My top favourite characters of Tony's would be Ezra Standish in The Magnificent Seven (beyond brilliant! just perfect!),Chad in Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (so sweet & funny!),Jimmy in Seinfeld (classic!) & Jack Donahue in The George Carlin Show (really lovely & nice).But I like him very,very much in everything I've seen him in,he's one of those actors that's just so natural & terrific all the time.He's always great fun to watch! I look forward to seeing him in lots,lots more for many years to come! He's just the best! :)
  • I have been following Anthony Starke since his appearance as Ezra Standish in the Magnificent Seven (A show before its time. He is one of the most versatile actors I have ever seen!

    Anthony's guest roll on Cold Case, as well as many other TV shows have been excellent. Each character he has protrayed was different and yet he protrayed each one of them as if he was the star of the show. I will forever hold Ezra Standish in my heart because of the way Mr. Starke protrayed that character. Porducers are missing out on a well under-used source of entertainment. Anthony Starke is more like one of the old time actors who could play anyone believably. He is hamdsome without looking narsistic and seems to put real emotions into every roll he plays.
  • Review of Anthony Starke on Cold Case

    Anthony Starke was fantastic in this role! I really wish more Hollywood executives would take notice of his ability and utilize it. He's got awesome comedic timing, and wonderful drama appeal (proven by this episode of Cold Case, CSI a while back, Nip Tuck—where he hardly had any lines but every emotion or scene was perfectly acted out through expressions) and to find an actor that can do this and actually pull it off is rare. I hope to see him in more rolls and sooner than later! He is good looking without being unreal or so overdone that he looses his originality. He’s a classic actor, disappearing into his role rather than (Brad Pitt-ing it in Troy). I really hope he continues because he just gets better and better, and that’s difficult to do when you’re great to start out with!
  • Tony\'s latest appearance: Nip/Tuck

    Anthony Starke appeared in the Nip/Tuck episode which first aired October 24, 2006, titled \"Connor McNamara\". He portrays Sean\'s father in three flashback sequences to Sean\'s childhood. He doesn\'t have a lot of dialogue, but he communicates his love and pain so well with his expressions. He is a terrific actor.

  • Starke is one of the most versitile actors I've ever seen! He goes from and rakishly sly 19th century gambler to a slimy spoiled rich boy and pulls off everything in between. This guy deserves a lot more credit than he gets!

    I find myself amazed at Starke's ability to simply disappear into a role. I fell in love with him as Ezra on Magnificent Seven and was astounded to learn he was the actor behind previous characters I had either loved or loathed. Starke is an amazing talent, he should be receiving accolades on a daily basis!