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  • Anthony Starke is an incredible actor!

    I think Anthony Starke is a brilliant actor & have been a big fan since seeing him as Ezra in The Magnificent Seven! He's just incredible in that show! He's always really fantastic in everything,so funny & lovely,an extremely likeable & talented actor.My top favourite characters of Tony's would be Ezra Standish in The Magnificent Seven (beyond brilliant! just perfect!),Chad in Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (so sweet & funny!),Jimmy in Seinfeld (classic!) & Jack Donahue in The George Carlin Show (really lovely & nice).But I like him very,very much in everything I've seen him in,he's one of those actors that's just so natural & terrific all the time.He's always great fun to watch! I look forward to seeing him in lots,lots more for many years to come! He's just the best! :)