Anthony Tyler Quinn

Anthony Tyler Quinn


7/25/1964, New London, CT

Birth Name

Anthony Tyler Quinn



Also Known As

Anthony Quinn, Anthony T. Quinn
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Hair color: dark brown
Height: 5'10"
Writes with: right hand
Currently lives in L.A. with his wife and daughter
Likes golf and photography

Anthony Tyler Quinn's acting credits include Ask Harriet, Someone Like Me, Working Girl, Dead Last, Diagnosis Murder, Normal, Ohio, Just Shoot Me, Caroline in…more


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  • Kim M's review.

    This actor is Totally underrated and isn't like the other stars you see on tv nowadays like Miley Cyrus, etc. He was awesome on Boy Meets World as well as many other shows and movies I've seen him. He could have stayed on Boy Meets World from the season he debuted in til the end. I really wish we could see him in more things with how much talent he has, and overall, he's a wonderful and awesome talent gifted actor and thank the lord for having him as an actor because hes a blessing to have. Thanks Kim

    Stafford, CTmoreless
  • This actor is underrated

    Totally underrated unlike some of the other famous stars, but not complaining really and was good on Boy Meets World and was one of my favorites on Boy Meets World and should have stayed until the show ended. Other roles he done were great as well which I have either taped or seen and I heard he was really nice in real life and wrote back to people when ever he could which I find that amazing as not many stars do that kind of thing and seems like more of a private/normal guy since his days on Boy Meets World. Overall, great actor.moreless