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    • Antonella (on if she knows who put the pictures of her on the internet): I would love to know but at this point I don't really know how I could track that person down because it is in the hands of so many people. Who knows where it originated from. All I know is that personal information has been stolen off of my personal computer and I have no way of tracing that.

    • Antonella (on the producers part in the scandal): Well, they had already known about it because I had told them about pictures that had been taken that could come out and like there was no getting in trouble with 'Idol' itself because they knew about it the whole time. They were working to protect me against it.

    • Antonella (on her reaction on the photos): I was just like 'Ah, I don't need to see it.'

    • Antonella (on how she found out about the pictures): Friends calling me being like 'oh, you're on the internet.' Check this website, check that website.

    • Antonella (on how the scandalous pictures affected her): Personally it hurt me but I mean as far as my standing in the competition, I'm not in it anymore. My fans put me through the first two weeks and I am so thankful for that but at the same time the competition is about singing and this is outside stuff. It's irrelevant. It's garbage. It wasn't meant for the public eye. I am singing to the public and that is something I am intentionally putting out there but my personal life was not meant for everybody to know about.

    • Antonella (on what offers she is getting): I haven't gotten my offers yet but I'd like to do something with acting or singing obviously, would be my biggest goal.

    • Antonella (on if she expected to be part of the top 12 of "American Idol"): I expected to be. Of course everyone wants to be and when I woke up that morning I had a good feeling. I thought I would be. You can't be nervous about something that is inevitable. Once it is out of your hands, it's out of your hands. So I wasn't so nervous going into it until there were only two spots left for the girls and four girls left and I just had a feeling and at that point, yeah I wasn't so sure anymore.

    • Antonella (on if she expected to be eliminated from the show): I was fearing the moment and you know you almost know what's coming. It was scary.

    • Antonella (on her comment to Simon about Jennifer Hudson): It was a hopeful comment for me, I think of Jennifer Hudson as a role model, she definitely gives me inspiration and it's so inspiring to see where she's gone from her being on the show. That's inspiration for me to hopefully go as far as she has... or somewhere far.

    • Antonella (on her favorite "American Idol" contestant in season 6): At this point it's hard to tell because everyone is so talented, I think comparisons are unfair because each person is unique. I'm just really anxious to see what each person brings new to the table because I know everyone has it in them to show something original.

    • Antonella (on Playboy offers): No, absolutely not, right now I want to look at all the offers that I get and sort out what's best for me right now.

    • Antonella (on offers): I want to see what I can with this for a career right now because I want to strike when the iron's hot, so I have not made plans for the future yet. I don't know about this or about school because I kind of need to work it out and see what offers are given to me.

    • Antonella (on what she learned on "Idol"): Sometimes when you get that nervous feeling in your stomach, the vocal coach here told me, 'Don't mistake that for nerves. Turn that energy into positive energy.' Sometimes it's not being nervous, sometimes its just your adrenaline preparing yourself for how big of a thing you're about to do, you can turn nerves into positive energy that is excitement that can feed your performance. And also right before I go out on stage I try to say a prayer.

    • Antonella (on Stephanie Edwards, her roommate and fellow contestant on "American Idol): I'm so happy for her. I knew she was going to make it. We actually both thought that we both would make it, myself and having confidence and not listening to the negativity. She's very excited to go on obviously, but she's very sad for me because she was really pulling for me. I was so happy for her though. I hope we both have very successful careers, I'd definitely collaborate. I'm a huge fan of her voice and her style.

    • Antonella (on being put down by the "American Idol" judges): It's definitely difficult to be put down, especially on national television, but more so it's just difficult to be told that you're not good when you've made it this far and you know that you've earned it and you have nothing but support around you from people... my fans and everything. But at the same time, sometimes I think the judges say things to just to say things. I try to only listen to the constructive criticism because all this negativity will just bring your confidence down. What will make me sound better is just believing in myself and having confidence and not listening to the negativity.

    • Antonella (on the "American Idol" producers): The producers... the whole time, Nigel tried to keep me focused on the competition and told me to ignore the other stuff because it's irrelevant and that's not what I'm about. I'm about singing for the show and all that other stuff was irrelevant, looking back on it, I'm very thankful for the opportunity I've been given. And I know that because I've been in the public eye, all this embarrassment has come with it. In retrospect, I still think it was worth it because I'd still like to move forward in a career in music. Keeping the photos not part of it.

    • Antonella (on the cause of the pictures): You know what, I keep getting told that no publicity is bad publicity, and you know people try to make me feel better, I understand it's true my name is more well-known because of it. But I'm not known for the things I'd like to be known for right now. You know I'm trying to make a name for myself in singing, and I won't be trying to promote myself in any way that's been made apparent.

    • Antonella (on the pictures and the media): It was definitely... it was difficult, it wasn't how I intended things to go, but I tried to block it out as much as possible and focus on the competition because I was there to sing. I hope that I made it so far on the show because of my talent. I don't think that the photos... I hope that the photos didn't affect where I got in the competition because they are irrelevant to my singing. They are part of my personal life that was exploited unintentionally and without my consent.

    • Antonella: The pictures that have been released of me, that actually are me, were very personal and is not how I intended to portray myself, nor do I intend to portray myself in the future. That's not the way I want to promote myself. I'd rather promote myself in a classy way.

    • Leslie Hunt (season 6 top 24 finalist): There's a certain hype that comes with her, and that's not really something I understand. It doesn't excite me that she has pictures like that. I mean, who doesn't? Whatever, get over it. But I knew getting into this that it wasn't just about singing.

    • Amanda Coluccio (best friend): Antonella's very talented, and she'll represent New Jersey in a classy way, she could add some intelligence to the show, which it really needs.