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  • I think that this woman is gonna go really far in the competion!

    She seems to have good expeirence and has a great culunary background.I should know Im her aunt Sharon I live in N.Y. and I know my neice is A hard working woman.She is also a great mom to her daughter Xea. She has always been a great cook even when she was a little girl. She was also in beauty pagents when she was little of course she won them all. Not tring to be mean but those other chef dont know what there in for competing against Antonia. She has come up with some amazing dishes and does them in about have the time you and I would. So good luck to you my sweet neice we are all proud of you Team Antonia signing out.For more info on Antonia go to my space Sharon Esposito and look at baby photos and childhood pics of Antonia.