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    • Aidee's overseas studies at the University of South California, San Diego, was sponsored by South Pacific Pictures, which produces the shows Outrageous Fortune and Shortland Street, among others. Various props of celebrity memorabilia, including Aurora's engagement ring from OF and one of Shane Cortese's costume shorts from SS were auctioned off to raise the money.

    • Antonia, along with her Outrageous Fortune co-star Aidee Walker, is a celebrity supporter of the New Zealand Government's interactive website initiative "The Lowdown", which is meant to help youths combat depression.

    • Antonia describes herself as a "swot", which in New Zealand's slang means that she is one who studies extremely hard, especially for an exam.

    • In 2008, Antonia decided to become a vegetarian after watching an expose documentary on the meat industry. She also took up running, and was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.

    • As a teenager Antonia starred as Trudy on The Tribe. In the first season she worked at it full time, but after that her role was reduced because she wanted to focus on school, and could only film her scenes during her school holidays.

    • Antonia has come out in support of several charities, including the animal rights groups SPCA WSPA and PAW Justice; she also supports Movember, which is focused on mens health issues.

    • Antonia goes by "Toni" amongst her friends and colleagues.

    • Antonia is close friends with her Outrageous Fortune co-stars Siobhan Marshall, Aidee Walker and Robyn Malcolm. She has been flatmates with both Siobhan and Aidee, and she and Siobhan like to travel around the world together during their breaks between shooting the show. In 2007 Aidee joined them on a trip which involved Europe, America and South America, and the three had an auto accident while driving in Mexico. She's also a very close friend of Beth Allen, who was in The Tribe with her before landing a core cast role on Shortland Street.

    • Playing Loretta on Outrageous Fortune has been at times uncomfortable for Antonia because of the many explicit sex scenes that are filmed. She considers herself a bit of a prude, and the show's creator/head writer James Griffin consults Antonia on them to make her as comfortable performing the scenes as possible by allowing her to help block out exactly how the scene will go. But Griffin has to laugh about it, because in the end what Antonia comes up with is often more raunchy than anything he would have written for her!

    • In 2009, Antonia donated her time to the theatrical run of Christ Almighty!, a controversial but humourous nativity play which features some of New Zealand's best known acting talents in its rotating cast. Antonia plays the Virgin Mary for her part of the show's run. The proceeds will be going to fund improvements in the Basment Theatre's dressing rooms and rehearsal space. She donated her time to the same company in the 2008 production of Reindeer Monologues in the role of Dancer.

    • Antonia is trained in accents, and can act using American (California), Australian, British and French, as well as her own native Kiwi accent.

    • Antonia is 5'8", with green eyes and dark brown hair.

    • Antonia originally auditioned for the part of the ditzy wannabe model Pascalle on Outrageous Fortune, but the show's creator James Griffin decided that she was perfect for manipulative juvenile genius Loretta instead.

    • Antonia's theatre credits include:
      (2010) Cabaret "Sally Bowles", Christchurch Court Theatre
      (2010) Sweeney Todd, Peach Theatre Company
      (2009) The Little Brown Hen, dir Tom Sainsbury
      (2009) She Stoops To Conquer "Kate Hardcastle", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Michael Hurst
      (2009) Station To Station "Veronica", dir. Cameron Rhodes
      (2007) And Then You Die co-lead, dir. Thomas Sainsbury

    • In 2008, Antonia won "Best Performance by a Supporting Actress in General Television" at the Qantas Film and Television Awards for her role on the hit NZ show Outrageous Fortune. She was nominated for the same award for the same role in 2006 and 2007, as well. And in 2005 she was up for both "Best Actress" and "Rising Star" at New Zealand's TV Guide People's Choice Awards.

    • Antonia says she would like to have opportunities to work as an actress overseas eventually, but not until she feels she has taken in all there is to learn about her craft at home in New Zealand. She'd prefer to go overseas to play a specific role, rather than move to LA and begin her career all over again hoping to make it big internationally.

    • Antonia graduated from Queen Margaret College in Wellington in 2001. She then went to Victoria University where she double majored in law and arts for a year, before settling on the arts as her primary focus.

    • Antonia hired an agent at age 11 in order to become an professional actress.

    • Antonia is represented professionally by Gail Cowan Management.

    • Antonia studied ballet for 8 years and also plays the flute, the recorder and guitar.

  • Quotes

    • Antonia: It was actually quite a hard decision for me to take that first part. It was that situation where your dreams are suddenly coming true and quite full-on. I was at the netball trials and having a great time at school, I'd made all these new friends and we were just about to start rehearsals for the third form musical, which was a big deal. I got called away from the trials and my mum told me I'd got the part- 'you've got the weekend to decide if you want to do it. And if you do want to do it, you leave school next week'. That was a big decision. I knew my life was going to change pretty significantly.

    • Antonia: (on higher education) I have to do things properly, I am a bit of a diligent thing. I am doing it for the process as opposed to the product. I want to be an actress and I am hoping that is all I'll have to do at the moment, but I am studying for the intrinsic value of getting an education and gaining new knowledge, so if you take your time with it, you get a better, richer experience.

    • Antonia: [Outrageous Fortune is] far more creatively satisfying than other jobs I've had. The material is so good, you can really sink your teeth into it, so it's really rewarding.

    • Antonia: Sometimes I wish I wanted to be an accountant- that I'd had a burning desire from the age of three to do other's people's tax returns. At least then I'd be in charge of it a bit more as opposed to leaving your career up to other people and fate.

    • Antonia: (referring to her show "Outrageous Fortune") After the episode where the pet shop accidentally burnt down, I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, I'm going to be the most hated actress in New Zealand. I just burnt puppies. How can you ever recover from that?' But I didn't get one negative comment. People seem to be able to distinguish between the actors and the characters on Outrageous far better than they do, say, between the actors and the characters on Shortland Street.

    • Antonia: (on being a child actress) It was just my job and none of the shows were particularly popular here, so I was never famous at all. I never experienced any jealousy or envy or people being mean to me about it. I think my friends at school felt sorry for me because I had to get up really early. I'd be at a party and it would be 10pm and I'd have to go because I was getting picked up at 5am. They'd go, 'Poor you...'

    • Antonia: (on being an actress) Only do it if you really love it, if you really feel like you have to do it, otherwise it's just too difficult.