Antonio Banks

Antonio Banks


10/28/1973, Liberty City, Florida

Birth Name

Alvin Burke, Jr.



Also Known As

Montel Vontavious Porter, Antonio Banks, MVP
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Banks entered professional wrestling in 2003. At the start of his career he wrestled in many different company's on the independent circuit, including Coastal Championship Wrestling and Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, winning the Heavyweight Championship in both promotions, and Ring of Honor. In 2005 Banks signed a developmental contract…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • THE most talented, underrated superstar in ALL the WWE.

    Montel Vontavious Porter "MVP", is an extremely talented and charismatic wrestler. However, there's a problem... he has only had ONE major push in his whole nearly 3 year career, and that was at last year's Unforgiven's WWE Championship Scramble Match, which he lost to the most ovverated wrestler Triple H. MVP IS Smackdown!, but they just won't let him be since they're too busy pushing superstars who've actually held world titles (i.e. Triple H, Edge, etc.) and lets not forget the most overrated superstar of 2008, Vladimir Koslov. But that ain't even half the reason why he ain't champ yet, you can also blame the poor management skills of Vickie Guerrero who's too busy giving unlimited title shots to another great but somewhat annoying wrestler, Edge. As long as Edge is on Smackdown, or as long as she's general manager, MVP and other rising stars will NEVER recieve the attention that they deserve. Now, here's the main reason why he ain't the champ, and thats because of this nearly 5 month losing (late August- early/mid January), which he had to go through just because he made a little joke about a urine sampler. I've heard people say he had no problem with this whole ordeal, but I do; and because of this, his long awaited title shot has been delayed even longer. At least now he's rising through the ranks again and will be just a matter of time before he takes the US title from Shelton Benjamin and once again become champ (this really should've happened at No Way Out, but oh well). So, all in all, MVP is an EXCELLENT wrestler, but will be even better once he recieves the recognition he deserves.moreless
  • i Share the opinion of many of the other people here about MVP when he first debuted i could have cared less.

    When this guy debuted on smackdown only 1 word jumped into my mind and that was overrated. he made his grand entrance on smackdown Through an NFL like tube all decked out in bling wearing a power ranger outfit. i was ready to turn the channel but i wanted to give MVP a fair chance before judging him based on i watched him defeat a jobber and i thought this guy is the biggest waste of space smackdown could possibly find, But Then He Began a feud with The Late Chris Benoit and i thought to myself "He's Not So bad" after seeing him at wrestlemania. then eventually MVP would win the U.S title and i thought MVP finally smackdown is using a superstar correctlymoreless